The Furchester Hotel
Air date February 13, 2017
Writer Andrew Emerson
Director Simon Gibney

Funella is excited for today's rooftop concert by John Lemmon, famous fruit singer. Two rabbits, Mr. and Mrs. Warren, check in, hopping up and down vigorously. Soon after, Furgus and Cookie Monster carry in John's piano, along with John Lemmon himself. Funella and his fruit fans gather with joy and Furgus promises the concert will start as soon as they get the piano to the roof. Elmo and Phoebe lead the Warrens to the Cabbage Patch Suite and when they discover the lift's ability to go up and down, they opt to stay in there instead.

The Warrens ride the lift up and down at their leisure, meaning Furgus and Cookie Monster must take the piano up the floors using the stairs (to Cookie's chagrin). Harvey P. Dull tries to use the lift to get downstairs, but discovers it's full of rabbits; the Warrens have invited family to join them. He also can't take the stairs, as Furgus and Cookie are taking up space with the piano. The Tea Time Monsters barge though, causing the piano to slide back down to the ground floor. Cookie Monster, unwilling to lift anymore, takes a cookie break. Phoebe believes if they make the Warrens leave the lift, they might check out, an option Funella doesn't want to entertain.

Elmo and Phoebe search the hotel for other suites the Warrens could enjoy, each having a different up-and-down aspect, but none suit their needs completely. As the Warrens resolve to check out, they all witness a pulley system Furgus has devised to get the piano upstairs. Phoebe proposes the Warrens, and their fellow rabbits, make that their room and they accept. John Lemmon then performs his rooftop concert, while Furgus is stuck raising and lowering the rabbits.


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