The Furchester Hotel
Air date February 16, 2017
Writer George Poles
Director Richard Bradley

The Furchester Hotel is setting up for their special Horse Jumping Tournament. One competitor, Mr. Gidyup, arrives and demonstrates his skills by jumping over a tall hurdle. He attributes his skills to his lucky golden horseshoe, which he uses all the time. Unfortunately, a scuffle caused by the Tea Time Monsters sends it flying into the broken lift, trapping the horseshoe inside until Furgus can finish his repairs. Without his lucky horseshoe, Gidyup won't be able to perform. It's a catastrophe!

Phoebe and Elmo theorize that they can find another item of luck that Gidyup can use. Cookie Monster demonstrates how eating a lucky cookie can help him jump over the fences and hurdles, but he then hasn't got another to spare. Funella makes an announcement to all the guests, asking them to bring their personal, lucky items out to the garden. As guests pile up their various lucky charms, Funella donates her lucky feather boa. Phoebe believes that if he wears all the items at once, he'll have the most luck of all.

All the items prove too heavy for Gidyup to use at once, causing him to run into the fence instead, but jump slightly over a guest's lucky pebble. Inspired, Phoebe thinks if Gidyup just believes in himself, he can jump without his lucky horsehoe or any lucky charm. As the competition begins, the other horses get an early lead, but quit when they see how large the final obstacle is. Gidyup gives himself a small pep talk and is able to clear the obstacle and win the tournament. Furgus arrives, having retrieved the horseshoe, but Gidyup claims he doesn't need it anymore. He rewards Elmo and Phoebe for their help by giving it to them.


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