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Sesame Street
Snuffy as a baby
Air date January 13, 1987
Season Season 18 (1986-1987)
Written by Mark Saltzman
Production October 15, 1986
Sponsors C, P, 10


Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Oscar is slightly annoyed by the sight of Miles playing with some shoeboxes by his trash can. He changes his mind when he learns Gordon was going to throw them out, then Miles began playing with them instead. Oscar sees a little bit of Grouch in this child after all.
Cartoon What Do You Do With a Pet?
(First: Episode 0465)
Muppets Ernie & Bert β€” Ernie wants to go outside and play catch, but Bert gets him interested in watching his goldfish.
(First: Episode 1422)
Counting 10 to 1.jpg
Cartoon Counting 10 to 1.
(First: Episode 0480)
Song "Sharing Swing with Kids Song (Share in Your Fun with Another Someone)"
(First: Episode 0926)
Cartoon An old woman goads a man into guessing who she met today. Through the clues she gives, he soon finds out she's referring to him.
Artist: Bruce Cayard
(First: Episode 0798)
Muppets Grover goes to the doctor for a check-up, and describes to the viewer what the doctor is doing. Grover gets scared when it's time for a booster shot, but is so scared that he doesn't notice when he gets it.
(First: Episode 1968)
Cartoon C is for Canary
(First: Episode 0703)
SCENE 2 Gordon is reading a book to Miles, who starts drinking from a cup all on his own for the first time. Gordon eagerly calls Susan over so they can mark down the event in Miles' baby book. They explain what the book is to Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus, who recalls he has one at home and goes off to get it. He does note his will be slightly different, as he took his first sips from a bucket, not a cup.
Animation A white shell is uncovered in the sand.
(First: Episode 2061)
Muppets "Home to Me"
(First: Episode 2093)
Cartoon Black cat, white cat, orange cat, marmalade cat, mouse cat, bird cat, chasing balls of string cat.
Artist: Jeff Hale
(First: Episode 1141)
Song Joe Raposo sings "Weaver Bird."
(First: Episode 0372)
Celebrity Edith Ann says she can count to five, but won't.
(First: Episode 0926)
Film Some kids have a bike race by the river.
(First: Episode 1419)
Cookie Ernie hat boxes.jpg
Muppets Ernie & Bert β€” Ernie purchases a straw hat for Bert, and asks Cookie Monster which box the hat will go in.
(First: Episode 0438)
Cartoon A large blob shoves a tiny one out of the way and declares, "I'm big!" The tiny one thinks for a moment and declares, "I'm me!"
Artist: Janet Perlman
(First: Episode 1637)

SCENE 3 Snuffy has returned with his large baby book. As they look at the information inside, they compare it to Miles' baby book, finding Snuffy was bigger as a baby in every respect. Big Bird wishes he could see baby Snuffy in action, so Snuffy goes off to get some of his old home movies.
Cartoon P for Planet
(First: Episode 2008)
Film A film insert about washing elephants at the Bronx Zoo. The song "Splish Splash" is used in part of the segment.
(First: Episode 1934)
Cartoon A magician performs a trick that makes birds appear, and fish can be glimpsed between them.
Artist: Vince Collins
(First: Episode 1614)

Muppets Dicky Tick hosts "Lifestyles of the Big and Little."
(First: Episode 2206)
Cartoon A man sees a giant OUT, yells the word, and everyone runs out of it.
(First: Episode 0550)
Muppets Harvey Kneeslapper looks inside a paper bag and laughs and asks his next victim, "Wanna see?" The man says yes, so Harvey puts a letter C on him.
(First: Episode 0294)
Cartoon A bass player (Major Holley) counts to 6.
(First: Episode 2229)
Film Human and animal babies learn to walk.
(First: Episode 1728)

SCENE 4 In Gordon and Susan's apartment, everyone watches some of Snuffy's old home movies, particularly "Snuffy's First Steps."
Cartoon P is for Painting
(First: Episode 0764)
Film The Flashettes track team trains for an upcoming race.
(First: Episode 1151)
Muppets The Two-Headed Monster shares a sandwich.
(First: Episode 1479)
Cartoon "Ten Pins"
Artist: Michael Sporn
Film Snow in the city
Music: Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0429)
Cast Gordon, Maria and Luis sing a song about elbows.
(First: Episode 2149)
Cartoon "Ten Turtles"
Artist: Bud Luckey
(First: Episode 0425)
Muppets Grover wants to sell Kermit the Frog a pair of sunglasses, but Kermit doesn't have a nose or ears to hold the sunglasses up with, so Grover gives Kermit a pair of sunglasses with attached ears, nose, and mustache (which Grover adds is optional).
(First: Episode 1727)
Cartoon Jazz #10
(First: Episode 0193)
Film Kids compare animals and human tools and technology.
(First: Episode 0491)
C- Cap.JPG
Cartoon Speech Balloon: C - Cap
(First: Episode 0154)
SCENE 5 Big Bird and Snuffy prepare to leave the Robinsons' apartment, but Snuffy can't remember how he got inside to begin with. He and Big Bird think of a solution and when one doesn't come to mind, they call for Gordon's help. Susan announces the sponsors.

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