The Furchester Hotel
Air date February 17, 2017
Writer Adam Redfern
Director Julian Kemp

Olivia the Octopus arrives at the Furchester and her eight arms immediately wreak havoc on the guests and furnishings. As Furgus takes her luggage to the Octagon Suite (on the eighth floor), Elmo and Phoebe take Olivia to the dining room. Cookie Monster and Gonger present today's special - the Tower of Cookies, which Olivia nearly wrecks with her tentacles. She admits she's not used to being surrounded by so many people and items, unlike her ocean home.

Elmo and Phoebe offer to help by holding some of Olivia's arms, but the rest of her arms still knock things over. The rest of the family tries to grab the other arms, but are all flung away. Olivia thinks it would be best if she checks out, but Funella won't have it. After freeing the Tea Time Monsters from her clutches, Phoebe thinks that if Olivia can count her arms as she moves, she can keep better track of them and won't knock anything or anyone over. The plan works and Olivia is able to enjoy some cookies and ride up to her room.



  • A section of "We Can Solve Any Problem," which features the same octopus puppet used for Olivia, is re-shot for this episode, replacing it with a scene of Funella and Phoebe hatching an avian guest's egg.

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