The Furchester Hotel
Air date February 20, 2017
Writer Belinda Ward and Stuart Kenworthy
Director Simon Gibney

Furball, an exuberant, bouncing ball of fur, bounces into the Furchester. Furgus and Funella explain that whenever Furball shows up, they play a game of "Furball." Furgus gets his equipment, but can't find his furball shoes. As he and Funella go looking, they ask Elmo and Phoebe to watch after Furball. He immediately gets out of their sight and begins bouncing in the lift. Just when they've cornered him, he gets swept off by the Tea Time Monsters.

Phoebe and Elmo go through Furgus' furball bag and find a furball net, which they can capture Furball with. Furball passes by, disguised as a rabbit, thus escaping their grasp. Cookie Monster places a cookie in the net, claiming it's perfect bait for Furball, only to remember it's bait for himself and eats it. In need of a plan, Phoebe thinks if they think like Furball, they'll know where to find him. They head for the ballroom, which is shown to be a nightclub for all the ball guests. They spot Furball in the crowd, but are unable to catch him in all the commotion.

Elmo and Phoebe are ready to give up, when the grown-up Furchesters encourage them to keep trying. Furgus notes that Furball is a master of disguise, so they must be sharp. They notice the rabbit again and realize it's Furball. The two are ready to play furball, when they're told that was the game! Furball then points out that Furgus has had his furball shoes on the entire time. The monsters play another round of furball.


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