The Furchester Hotel
Air date February 21, 2017
Director Richard Bradley

Mr. and Mrs. Fuzzworth leave their baby daughter, Adriana, in the care of the Furchester Babysitting Service. Funella assures the parents that they will have Adriana down for a nap by their return. Soon after, Harvey P. Dull and Mrs. Moo-tle set up for a game of chess, when Adriana crawls into Mr. Dull's lap. The Furchesters take her back and bring her to her crib, as the others relocate their game to the dinning room.

With Adriana in her crib, Furgus leads a loud, monster lullaby. It seems to work and they quietly slip out, but Adriana crawls her way back to them. Furgus thinks they can tucker her out by letting her crawl all over the hotel. She makes her way to the dinning room, ruining Mr. Dull's chess board (just as he's about to win) and starts snuggling with him again. Cookie Monster proposes a nap time cookie, but since babies can't eat cookies, he eats it instead (then falls asleep). Some other guests have their own suggestions, but they each fail and send Adriana crawling back to Mr. Dull.

The Furchesters notice Adriana is now fast asleep in Mr. Dull's arms and think if they move her bed to him, she'll go down for her nap easier. Sure enough, the plan works and not even the commotion of the Tea Time Monsters can wake Adriana. Her parents return and are shocked to see the Furchesters were able to get her to sleep in her bed. They attribute their success to Mr. Dull, who has fallen asleep too.



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