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Bear in the Big Blue House
229 The Way I Feel Today.JPG
Written by Andy Yerkes
Director Richard A. Fernandes
Theme Feelings

The 2000 storybook adaptation.

The characters of the Big Blue House find themselves feeling many different ways and Bear is there to help sort it out. Things all start when Pip and Pop are happy and excited after they receive a fantastic new toy in the mail --- Clammy, a talking clam. Later, they're extremely sad when they think Clammy's broken. Elsewhere, Treelo gets angry with Ojo for spilling his feathers out the window, but Ojo is hurt and worried because it was only an accident. Treelo says he wants to stay angry forever, but Bear helps to see that this may not be what he really wants. Later, Tutter's hilarious impressions have everyone feeling silly.



  • This episode was adapted in book form as The Way I Feel Today.
  • Bear in the Big Blue House episodes typically include a single segment featuring thoughts from real kids. This episode features a series of four of these segments in which kids talk about feelings.
  • The dog in the Shadow Projects logo in the closing-credits says "yep yep" in a voice that sounds like a child's voice. It was also Ducky's catchphrase from The Land Before Time saga.
  • This was the first episode to be directed by Richard A. Fernandes.


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