The Furchester Hotel
Air date April 6, 2017
Writer Ciaran Murtagh and Andrew Jones
Director Julian Kemp

While checking in Mr. Cuddles, Funella and all other monsters in the vicinity begin to contract a special monster disease - Monster Pox! It causes them to grow spots and involuntarily cluck and disco dance. They all head to their rooms to recover in bed. Harvey P. Dull, the only one around unaffected, is left to get his glass of orange juice by himself.

As he enters the dining room, he finds Cookie Monster has lost his appetite, an early symptom of monster pox, which immediately shows signs of and heads to bed. Mr. Dull then hears the front desk phone and Funella asks him to tend to it. He rushes all over the hotel tending to the sick monsters and various other hotel needs. Furgus discovers in his monster medical book that there's one known cure - drinking a 10-Second Smoothie, named such because those poxed need to drink it within ten seconds of its creation in order for it to work.

Mr. Dull whips up a smoothie and rushes to reach the Furchester's bedroom, but barely makes to the stairs in time. Furgus provides Mr. Dull with a pair of rocket-powered skates, which still don't get him up in time. Phoebe proposes that if they can't bring the smoothie to the beds, they'll bring the beds to the smoothie. All the monsters relocate to the lobby and gobble up the smoothies, curing them instantly. Mr. Dull is ready to have his juice, when all the monsters now come down with a case of Monster Yodel-itis, which causes them to hop and yodel.


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