Mopatop's Shop
Written by Jocelyn Stevenson
Director Simon Spencer


Mopatop opens the episode by offering a steel box, a giant golden lock, or a dog that fixes clocks.

Lamont the Sloth delivers a box for Mopatop. Puppyduck opens the box and finds a purple key inside. Moosey Mouse takes the purple key from the counter and turns it into an electric guitar so he can play music with his family. A customer comes into the shop and says his alarm clock won’t ring. Mopatop leads the customer to the dog to get his clock repaired. The dog uses a key to wind up the back of the clock and the alarm goes off.

A monster customer comes in and wants to open his locked box. Puppyduck provides a giant hammer for the monster to break open his box, but it doesn’t work. The Mouse Family hears the loud sound and watches as the monster tries to open his locked box. Mopatop suggests a key can open the box and sings a song about it with Puppyduck. Moosey realizes the purple key can open the box, and he lowers it on a string from the loft to the counter. Puppyduck finds it and gives it to the monster customer. The monster customer opens the box with the key and finds a magnet inside. The magnet attracts a lot of metal objects to it. Puppyduck spots a golden key on the magnet and thinks it can open another box in the shop.


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