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Sesame Street
Big Bird’s note to Hoots
Air date January 15, 1988
Season Season 19 (1987-1988)
Written by Luis Santeiro
Sponsors Q, T, 5

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Picture Segment Description
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SCENE 1 Big Bird notices Luis fixated on watching Maria doing some repairs inside the Fix-It Shop. He recalls when she first started working there and not knowing much about fixing items, but he now beams with pride over how great she is now. Big Bird then notices Maria staring similarly at Luis.
Sand-alphabet q.jpg
Animation Sand Q/q
(First: Episode 0623)
Film Footage of a baby learning to walk.
Music: Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0427)
Muppets Ernie & Bert β€” Bert thinks that Ernie has eaten his cookies, but it turns out that Cookie Monster (dressed as Ernie) ate the cookies.
(First: Episode 0158)
Cartoon 5 song (twinkles, candles, diamonds, horses)
(First: Episode 0973)
Insert Kim and David help each other put on their smocks before painting a picture.
(First: Episode 0284)
Cartoon Children describe how to draw an elephant.
(First: Episode 0052)
2400 02.jpg
SCENE 2 Gordon comes across Telly, who covers his ears to try to prevent his great idea from falling out of his head. Gordon assures him this can't happen. Telly's idea turns out to be what he was just doing.
Cartoon T for treasure (Jim Thurman VO)
(First: Episode 1990)
Muppets Monsterpiece Theater: Chariots of Fur
(First: Episode 1833)
Film Joe Raposo: Wet & Dry (Falls in pool; kid VO's)
(First: Episode 0467)
Cartoon A report on homes around the world.
(First: Episode 1711)
Muppets Kermit sings "Caribbean Amphibian."
(First: Episode 2205)
Cartoon I am dry, he is wet (circus elephant)
Artist: Cliff Roberts
(First: Episode 0309)
2400 03.jpg
SCENE 3 Elmo shows Gina the letter T game he and the kids are playing. They pose as letter Ts and do things that start with T (such as tiptoeing, tweeting and tick-tocking). Gina does something else next- tickling Elmo.
Cartoon The Typewriter has an electric train.
(First: Episode 0785)
Film A man makes a shadow puppet of an elephant.
(First: Episode 0593)
Muppets Game Show: To Tell A Face
The object of the game is to identify the face of a relative. The contestant in this skit is Baby Bobby, who must identify his grandmother.
(First: Episode 2125)
Cartoon A woman displays a BUS STOP sign to a crowd.
Artist: Irra Verbitsky
(First: Episode 1231)
Muppets Alien Alphabet
(First: Episode 0277)
Geometry of Circles 3 - Six Colored Circles.png
Animation Geometry of Circles #3 "Six Colored Circles"
(First: Episode 1395)
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2400 04b.jpg
SCENE 4 Big Bird shows Maria and Luis the ant bus stop, located right where the normal bus stop is. Much like the two of them, the ants are headed off to the picnic. The humans note that that the ants didn't bring any food with them, but Big Bird believes they're going to Maria and Luis' picnic.
Cartoon Ants carry a huge letter 'Q' uphill.
(First: Episode 0787)
SuperGrover BusStop.JPG
Muppets Super Grover: A boy is confused -- his mother told him to take a bus home, but he doesn't know where to find the bus. Super Grover arrives, and they soon discover a sign that says "Bus Stop". The boy believes they found the answer, but Super Grover insists that his mother told him to take a bus home, not a sign.
(First: Episode 0708)
Transition "All right, now that you've eaten everything in sight, would you mind telling me what you plan to have for dessert?"
(First: Episode 0006)
Muppets The Count sings about what he does when there's "Nothing to Count" - he imagines counting birdies and elephants.
(First: Episode 1940)
Cartoon Two men debate whether or not a ladder has 5 steps.
(First: Episode 1538)
Song "The Ball Goes Up, The Ball Goes Down"
(First: Episode 0773)
1939 - 02.jpg
Celebrity Grundgetta has fixed a makeshift NASA sign to Oscar's trash can and she's attempting a countdown, but she's just shouting random numbers. Sally Ride approaches and asks if she needs any help. Grundgetta annoyedly asks if the woman is an expert or something. Ride begins to answer when Grundgetta concedes that maybe she can help if she knows how to count backwards from ten. As Ride provides the countdown, the trash can smokes and rumbles, and takes off into the air. When it plummets to the ground, Ride hurries over to the crash site to see if Grundgetta is okay. She's more than okay, she's terrific, and so was Ride's counting. Grundgetta concludes that she must be an expert after all.
(First: Episode 1939)
Cartoon Q-quiet! (tree chopping)
(First: Episode 0675)
Film A voiceover recites a poem about trees, to music by Joe Raposo.
(First: Episode 0455)
Muppets For Show-and-Tell, Bert sings a song about his rock.
(First: Episode 1309)
Animation ΒΏQuΓ© es esto? (un pajaro)
(First: Episode 1977)
Film Hippos
Music: Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0415)
Cartoon A man finds and eats five apples, counting the number left after each one.
(First: Episode 1578)
2400 05.jpg
SCENE 5 Gordon finds Big Bird chatting away to Hoots the Owl, who is fast asleep. Big Bird explains that because they're on different sleep schedules, he's unable to talk to Hoots about much in the little time they have together. Gordon suggests he write Hoots a note and gives him some paper.
Cartoon A kid tries to push his toy house through the front door without the door closing.
Artist: Paul Fierlinger
(First: Episode 0914)
Song Olivia sings "Everything Grows."
(First: Episode 0998)
2400 06.jpg
SCENE 6 Hoots continues to sleep as Big Bird writes even more in his note. Gordon announces the sponsors and the credits roll.

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