Sesame Street
Air date April 28, 1988
Season Season 19 (1987-1988)
Sponsors B, K, 12


Picture Segment Description


SCENE 1 Snuffy welcomes the viewer, and tries to get Alice to do the same. He advises to Alice that whenever someone comes along, it'd be polite to greet them. Then, Susan comes to say hello to Snuffy, and instead of saying "Hi", Alice says "yes". Snuffy reminds her to say hello, and Miss Trump comes along. By the time Alice had said hello, it was too late for Miss Trump to hear. After one last reminder, Uncle Wally comes to Snuffy for some conversation, and Alice bursts out with "Hi!" Uncle Wally is taken aback, and they both exchange hellos continuously. Once Uncle Wally leaves, Alice does not stop saying "hi", and Snuffy remarks that he may have to teach her when to stop.
Film Colored sand forms the letter B and a boat.
Film Kids climb in and out of a tire.
Music: Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0450)
Muppets A square monster tires to learn the "In and Out" disco dance.
(First: Episode 1328)
Cartoon Building a dog house is easy if you have a ruler.
(First: Episode 0630)
Film Two kids cooperate on putting on smocks for painting.
(First: Episode 0284)
Cartoon A young man carrying a brown paper bag walks up to the bridgekeeper and asks him if he works there. He orders him to show him whatever circles are in the bag, and to eat them. He is ordered to eat three round foods: a cookie, a pepperoni pizza, and a slice of watermelon. Once he is granted permission to cross the bridge, however, he tells the bridgekeeper that he was merely trying to deliver the latter's groceries.
(First: Episode 1582)

SCENE 2 Snuffy tells Alice that they have to stick together because she needs someone who is four years old to watch over her. As Snuffy walks off-screen and rambles, Alice stays behind and tries to say "hi" to a fire hydrant. Snuffy comes back and explains to Alice that a fire hydrant is not alive, and it won't understand her. Snuffy once again walks off-screen and rambles, while this time Alice tries to say "hi" to the trash basket. Snuffy has to tell her that it isn't alive either. Barkley appears and Alice bursts with another hello, followed by Gordon, who was coming out of the garage. They both soon notice she is trying to say hello to the newsstand, and agree that learning takes time.
Cartoon K is for kiss.
Animation: John and Faith Hubley
(First: Episode 0131)
Film A man and children observe the life along the river.
(First: Episode 0409)
Cartoon A mother bird brings her babies a huge number 12.
(First: Episode 0493)
Muppets Sesame Street News Flash: Kermit meets the Seven Dwarves, seemingly from the Snow White story. However, in this version each is named after (and represents) an emotion. (Kermit ad-lib: "Hey Dulcy, we got the wrong dwarves again!") They are named Cheerful, Sad, Lovey, Angry, Proud, Surprised and Fearful.
(EKA: Episode 2415)
Fox and crow
Cartoon A minstrel sings about a fox who outsmarts a crow.
Artist: Etienne Delessert
(First: Episode 0631)
Celebrity The Four Tops sing "Standing at the Bus Stop Sign," while waiting for the bus to arrive. Big Bird pulls up in an imaginary bus.
(First: Episode 2290)
Animation "¡Él juega beisbol!"
(First: Episode 2101)
Muppets Olivia reads "Katie and the King."
(First: Episode 1660)
Cartoon K is for Karate
(First: Episode 0489)
Song "What Can You Do with a Burro?"
(First: Episode 1364)
Muppets Two-Headed Monster: PAT
(First: Episode 1697)
Animation A ball looks for its match on a brick wall.
(First: Episode 1470)
George the Farmer in out
Film George the Farmer demonstrates in and out.
(First: Episode 0293)
SCENE 3 Pairs of best friends, including Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus, Uncle Wally and Mrs. Trump, and Susan and Gordon, sing "My Best Friend."
Animation Henson Films: Number Twelve Rocks
(First: Episode 0195)
Muppets Ernie & BertBert says it's Ernie's turn to go to the laundromat. He puts numerous things in the laundry basket, including storybooks, cookies, his boots, and a radio. Before long, the basket has no room for the laundry, so he decides to go play baseball instead.
(First: Episode 0458)
Film Kids go roller-skating in a playground as ragtime music plays.
(First: Episode 1234)
Cartoon ADVENTURE! A man and woman escape a boulder, a crocodile, and other obstacles.
(First: Episode 2080)
SCENE 4 Telly and Juliet (donning sunglasses) are planning a picnic, and have brought along suntan lotion, and try to remember if they've forgotten anything that might ruin their picnic. Barkley stops by, and Telly and Juliet shoo him away from eating their sandwiches, which leads Telly to sugesting a dog could come and eat all their food- to which Juliet adds on that ants could come as well, so they both get dog and ant food respectively. Telly then supposes it could rain, so he brings an umbrella. Juliet notes that there could also be wind, to which Telly exaggerates it to be a hurricane, and that a branch would fall on their heads, so they both get helmets (and a chainsaw in the case they get stuck under the branch). Gordon drops in to say hello, and notices the fuss. Meanwhile Telly scurries to get his barbells in case the wind blows their food away.
Cartoon "Ladybugs' Picnic"
(First: Episode 0416)
Muppets Muppet & Kid MomentGrover and John-John count to 20.
(First: Episode 0476)

Cartoon A beaver does his exercises, while his friends make fun of him. He then uses his strength to save his friends when the dam breaks.
Artist: Irra Verbitsky
(First: Episode 2067)
Muppets Ernie counts 3 Honkers as they arrange themselves in different ways.
(First: Episode 1746)
Cartoon It's a whale
Artist: Ishu Patel
(First: Episode 1684)
Song "What Do People Do All Day?"
(First: Episode 1511)
Cartoon B for butterfly
(First: Episode 0006)
SCENE 5 Gordon returns and notices the mess in the arbor, to which Telly explains that there were too many things to carry, so they stayed and had the arbor in the picnic. Gordon decides to join in, taking from the pile of twenty-seven sandwiches. He also brings four cakes, to which Telly exclaims, "Would you believe it? We almost forgot dessert!" Susan announces the sponsors.

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