Sesame Street
A cold day on Sesame Street
(repeat of 2230)
Air date December 23, 1988
Season Season 20 (1988-1989)
Sponsors B, N, 3
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Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Maria, Gordon, Bob and Tichina comment on the cold weather and sing about what they wear "When It's Cold Out."
Cartoon What does the word COLD match with?
(First: Episode 2087)
2096h Muppets Muppet & Kid MomentGrover asks Maya to help him follow an arrow. The arrow changes direction until Grover falls down, exhausted.
(First: Episode 1641)
Cartoon The One Two Three Dogs do circus stunts.
(First: Episode 1480)
Film A boy who lives in Alaska narrates a film of himself going ice-fishing with his grandfather and sister.
(EKA: Episode 2375)
Cartoon Three cannonball men switch spotlights as they dance.
(First: Episode 1469)
SCENE 2 Elmo feels very cold and wishes he had a way of making himself and Maria warm. She tells him various ways people warm up, as he rushes off to fetch her earmuffs and hot chocolate; he's unable to bring a radiator from his house. All the running back and forth has made Elmo feel warm, giving him another idea to stave off the chill - hugging Maria.
Cartoon A girl explains (in poetry) how she failed trying to make a snowman without using snow.
(First: Episode 0480)
Muppets On a cold day, the Twiddlebugs try to figure out what they should close to make themselves warm. After they try closing a book, a lunchbox and their mouths, Tina sees they must close the door. Once they're warm, they decide to go outside, but can't find what they should open.
(First: Episode 1621)
Animation Stop-motion: what goes in the hot dog bun?
(First: Episode 1494)
Muppets Telly sounds out the word COLD and is struck with a snow storm.
(First: Episode 1543)
Cartoon B for banana and ballerina

SCENE 3 Bob visits Oscar, who has set up his Grouch Heater (resembling a carnival strength tester). Oscar's instructions are for one to hit the base with a sledgehammer strong enough so that the ball will reach the "Warm" marker at the top. Bob assumes there's some trick involved, but goes along anyway. Oscar recommends Bob remove his various pieces of winter gear to allow a better hit. Bob successfully hits the ball to the top, then notices Oscar has started wearing all his gear; the Grouch Heater has made him warm after all!
Cartoon A girl talks about preparing to play with her new sled.
Artist: Jim Simon
(First: Episode 0413)

Film Number Three Ball Film: A red ball follows a rollercoaster-like track through checkpoints (each, a set of three) that are counted in voiceover. At the end, the ball turns into a cherry which is devoured by a girl.
(First: Episode 0744)
Cast Luis and Linda assemble the word COLD, and it snows.
(First: Episode 2067)
Bforbeard Cartoon B for Beard (poem by Edward Lear)
Artist: Jeff Hale
(First: Episode 1147)
Muppets Ernie sings "Imagine That" about things that he sometimes imagines to be: first a knight in shining armor who battles a dragon, then a sailor, and finally, himself.
(First: Episode 2142)
Animation Floral patterns are formed to Eastern European music.
(First: Episode 1808)
SCENE 4 Telly discovers that his glass of water has turned into ice, due to the cold weather.
Film Russian nesting dolls 10-1
(First: Episode 0563)
Muppets Guy Smiley hosts The Weather Show.
(First: Episode 0385)
Song "Starfish" by Joe Raposo.
(re-filmed version)
(First: Episode 2487)
Cartoon Square in space.
(First: Episode 1554)
Muppets / Celebrity Cab Calloway and the Count sing "I Want to Count."
(First: Episode 1545)
Film A man spins in circles while riding in his kayak.
Music: Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0297)
Cartoon A salesman offers a passerby the letter N for next to nothing.
Artist: Cliff Roberts
(First: Episode 1804)

Insert While fixing Big Bird's record player, Luis tells him of a story he's reading about Captain Swashbuckle, a pirate. He tells Big Bird a synopsis of what he's read so far, but Big Bird throws several ideas what happens next, such as Swashbuckle having run-ins with a giant fish and bird. Luis reads him the remainder of the story: Captain Swashbuckle is sailing in a storm, when Luis' phone rings, and he must put the story on hold. Big Bird then thinks up the obvious ending - the bad guys call Swashbuckle and call off the fight because of rain.
(First: Episode 2173)
Cartoon A tiny ant pushes the huge N into its place in the alphabet.
(First: Episode 0780)
Muppets "Home to Me"
(First: Episode 2093)
Cartoon Big Daniel Boone looks for a bear.
Artist: Bruce Cayard
(First: Episode 0627)
Muppets Ernie & BertErnie and Bert build a snowman, but Ernie fears that the snowman will be cold if they don't dress him. Even though Bert tries to tell him that snowmen aren't alive and can't feel the cold, that doesn't stop Ernie from dressing the snowman in Bert's clothing.
(First: Episode 1824)
Film Kids play in the snow.
Music: Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0292)
Cartoon Blue and pink characters fight for a spot on the subway, until Pink spots an open seat.
(First: Episode 1580)

SCENE 5 At nighttime, some kids play in the courtyard. While Bob, Gordon and Maria enjoy the snow, Oscar tries to ruin it for them by mentioning the negative facts about snow like snow balls and cars getting stuck. Elmo announces the sponsors, and the credits roll as Maria and the kids play in the snow.

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