Sesame Street
Air date January 2, 1989
Season Season 20 (1988-1989)
Written by John Weidman
Sponsors J, P, 0


Picture Segment Description

SCENE 1 At today's Grouchketeer meeting, Oscar teaches the kids why his favorite number is 0. He has three pretty flowers with him, then subtracts them one by one. Luis happens in on the meeting and when Oscar subtracts the last of the flowers, Luis suddenly must leave to feed his tennis shoes.

SCENE 1 cont'd The meeting is then visited by none other than Señor Zero! His attempts to impart his knowledge of the number 0 are shut down by Oscar, who declares this a private meeting. Señor Zero whips out his own Grouchketeer headgear and choses to sit in, so Oscar declares the meeting over. He's driven back into his can when Señor Zero points out that there are now zero Grouchketeers present.
SCENE 1 cont'd After Señor Zero makes his escape, Luis returns and wonders who left a mysterious black hat behind...
Cartoon Geronimo 10-0: The parachute becomes a large mattress.
(First: Episode 2245)
Muppets Ernie & BertErnie has Bert play a "Follow the Arrows" game, which leads him to the main camera, looking at the TV viewer.
(First: Episode 1697)
Song Joe Raposo sings "Trying and Trying Again."
(First: Episode 0631)
Cartoon Mr. Hand is instructed to draw a circle around an apple.
Artist: Fred Garbers
(First: Episode 1869)
Muppets Sesame Street News Flash: Kermit goes to Peter Piper's Pickled Peppers Patch to interview Peter Piper, but he only gets to meet other members of his family, whose names all begin with a common letter. At the end, Peter Piper's cousin states that Peter Piper is in Portland pressing pants.
(First: Episode 1342)
Cartoon Light and heavy (ball and seal)
(First: Episode 0785)
Film As a boy plays with a tugboat in the bathtub, we watch footage of a real tugboat.
(First: Episode 0801)
Insert Bob and the kids play "Practice, Practice."
(First: Episode 1736)
Cartoon P is for Pillow
(First: Episode 0374)
Muppets "Muppets Rhyme in School"
(First: Episode 2291)
Animation Two balls play on a seesaw, when a third ball wants to join them (ending up in the middle).
(First: Episode 2054)
Film A girl wants to learn a playground rhyme after watching some other girls do it, so one of them teaches her.
(First: Episode 2284)
Cartoon Counting eight figures
(EKA: Episode 2253)
Muppets / Celebrity Celia Cruz tells Big Bird about a hummingbird, and sings "Zunzun."
(First: Episode 2298)
Toon heavylight
Cartoon Heavy and light characters are weighed on a scale.
(First: Episode 0843)
SCENE 2 Forgetful Jones strolls over to Hooper's Store to pick up some lunch for Clementine, only he can't remember what she wanted to eat. Maria suggests that next time, he try writing down the order. He remembers Clementine did exactly that, but he doesn't remember when the paper is. Maria discovers it under his hat. Gina brings over Maria's egg salad sandwich, which is exactly what Clementine wanted. Forgetful winds up taking the Maria's sandwich.
Cartoon A boy counts down to 0 as he eats his soup.
(First: Episode 2283)
Film A boy takes dance lessons at The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.
(First: Episode 1716)
Cartoon ADVENTURE! A man and woman escape a boulder, a crocodile, and other obstacles.
(First: Episode 2080)
Muppets Monsterpiece Theater: "Gone With the Wind"
(First: Episode 2410)
Cartoon I've Got a Mind: Wind-up toy
(First: Episode 0255)
SCENE 3 Having skipped lunch, Gina prepares a large sandwich for herself and takes a break to eat it. Before she can dig in, Oscar beckons her over to help think of some words that rhyme with "jam" for a poem he's writing. She gives him a suitable rhyme and he reads his revolting limerick that makes her lose her appetite.
Cartoon J family jamboree
(First: Episode 0365)
Muppets Marshal Grover and Fred the Wonder Horse spot a kitty stuck in a tree. Grover tries to find ways to get the kitty down such as shaking the tree trunk. He finally came to the conclusion that to get the kitty down, he would climb up the tree to bring it down. However, Fred has another idea to bring the kitty down by calling the kitty by saying "Kitty" and the kitty comes down. Now that the kitty is down, they now have another problem - how is Grover going to get down?
(First: Episode 1639)
Animation Finding shapes in colored pixel-blocks
(First: Episode 1455)
Film City alphabet (Joe Raposo instrumental with kid voiceover)
(First: Episode 0132)
Cartoon In rhyme, a man points out animals who stole and/or ruined his clothing.
(First: Episode 0778)
SCENE 4 Gina is excited to find herself on Sonny Friendly's newest game show. She correctly answers are three questions, each correct answer signaled by a stuffed dog falling from above. Her prize winds up being the stuffed dog. She then excitedly shares her experience with David.
Cartoon Jughead Jones's J story
(First: Episode 0231)
Muppets Ernie sings "Dance Myself to Sleep."
(First: Episode 1705)
Cartoon P for Penguin
Artist: Jeff Hale
(First: Episode 1190)

SCENE 5 Gina shows off her winnings to Maria and Luis. Maria is very scorn that she's never won a practical prize on any of Sonny Friendly's shows. David announces the sponsors.

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