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Sesame Street
Snuffy shows his friends his cave
Air date December 14, 1989
Season Season 21 (1989-1990)
Written by Cathi Rosenberg-Turow
Production October 3, 1989
Sponsors B, O, 18


Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Telly tries to fix his flower with water, sunlight, and by cheering it up. When that doesn't work, he heads to the Fix-It Shop.
Cartoon "Crocodile Smiles Song": A crocodile sings about good oral hygiene.
Artist: Michael Sporn
(First: Episode 1731)
Muppets Alphabet Chat: Mr. Chatterly tries to deliver a lecture about the letter O, but is distracted by several things that don't begin with O, like a rabbit walking with a cow. The Anything Muppet producers decide to cancel the show and take down the set.
(First: Episode 0837)
Film Some kids have a bike race by the river.
(First: Episode 1419)
Cartoon A blue triangle looks for his friend in a museum.
(First: Episode 1522)

SCENE 2 Maria tells Telly that she can't fix his flower because it is dead. He says goodbye and tells the flower he will miss it. Maria notices that another bud has sprouted on the plant.
Cartoon The Bellhop is told that somebody at table 18 has a phone call, and after he struggles to get to the table, he is told to take a message.
(First: Episode 2549)
Beat The Time.JPG
Muppets Guy Smiley hosts "Beat the Time." In order to win a cookie, Cookie Monster has to bring in three things that rhyme with the word "rain" before the hand goes around the clock. They turn out to be an old man's "cane", a "chain" (to which Frazzle is attached), and finally a "train", which destroys the set.
(First: Episode 0446)
Song "B is for Bubble"
(First: Episode 0008)
Muppets The Two-Headed Monster goes shoe shopping.
(First: Episode 2142)
Cartoon Ten brightly-beaked birds land on a statue.
(First: Episode 1524)
Cast Hoots shows Gordon and some kids the art of "Talkin' Scat."
(First: Episode 2389)
Cartoon A car stuck in tar.
(First: Episode 1732)
Film Footage of a rattlesnake
(First: Episode 0294)
Cast Maria as Chaplin looks in a mirror and sees "ME." Maria's reflection is played by Linda.
(First: Episode 1032)
(new music added)
Animation ΒΏQue es esto? (una vaca)
(First: Episode 1978)
Muppets Ernie & Bert β€” Ernie comes home to a sleeping Bert and tries to think of things to do that won't wake him up. He can't watch TV, and he can't play with his ball. Bored, he decides to take a nap too -- but then he starts to snore. This awakens Bert, who wonders out loud where the noise is coming from, in the process arousing Ernie, who gets mad at being woken up.
(First: Episode 0280)
Cartoon B for boats, bouquet, baby, bonnet, etc.
(First: Episode 1703)
SCENE 3 Mr. Snuffleupagus is going to show Big Bird, Maria, and Gabi the far back of his cave, which they've never seen. However, before they can begin their trek, they can't agree on who should go first.
Cartoon An alien asks a boy directions to the baseball diamond.
Artist: Bill Davis
(First: Episode 1877)
Muppets Pretty Great Performances: James Galway and the All Animal Chamber Ensemble perform a work by Johann Sebastian Fox.
(First: Episode 2561)
Cartoon A boy tries to count to twenty while playing with a paddleball, but gets interrupted by a bird.
(First: Episode 0152)
Song "Spanish Foods Song"
(First: Episode 1111)
Muppets Muppet & Kid Moment β€” Erik shows Grover his teeth, and tells him how teeth are used.
(First: Episode 1639)
Cartoon Olga y la letra O
(First: Episode 0364)
SCENE 4 Deep in the cave, Snuffy wants to introduce Big Bird, Maria, and Gabi to the person who lives there. Snuffy has never seen him, but he has heard him. The "person" turns out to be his echo.
Animation Stop-motion: a bunny tries to make a bench with blocks, but needs a chick's help.
(First: Episode 1463)
Muppets An Anything Muppet family arranges themselves in different ways.
(First: Episode 0275)
Film A boy talks about living in Alaska and about racing sled dogs.
(EKA: Episode 2388)
Cartoon First, Middle, Last (men on horse)
(First: Episode 0827)
SCENE 5 Deeper in the cave, Snuffy wants to introduce his friends to the Camelupagus, but it turns out to be the shadow of Snuffy wearing his backpack.
Cartoon Two cavemen argue, each chanting "Me!" A large monolith bearing the word ME puts fear in both of them.
(First: Episode 0793)
Muppets Ernie sings "Imagine That" about things that he sometimes imagines to be: first a knight in shining armor who battles a dragon, then a sailor, and finally, himself.
(First: Episode 2142)
Film Fay Ray dresses up as different animals. ("It's Kermit the Dog!")
Cartoon A drowsy wagoner gets across a clearing by building a bridge out of his ox-cart, and converting it back again.
Artist: Bruce Cayard
(First: Episode 0616)
Film A flock of sheep crosses the river.
(First: Episode 1165)

SCENE 6 Still deeper in the cave, Snuffy wants to introduce his friends to the Fishyupagus. Maria thinks it will only be Snuffy's reflection in the water. To her surprise, the Fishyupagus is real. Telly announces the sponsors.

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