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Mopatop's Shop
Written by Jocelyn Stevenson
Director Tom Poole


Mopatop opens the episode by offering a cat, a cow or a cub who bows.

A new creature appears in Mopatop's Shop -- a little Inkspot who croaks, "Midip, midip." Mopatop greets the creature, who introduces himself as Midip.

Midip is amazed that Mopatop can see him -- he's an invisible friend. It seems that Mopatop is the only one who can see Midip -- the cat and the cow can't, and neither can Moosey Mouse, who's spying from the attic. Midip would like to be someone's invisible friend, and Mopatop offers to let him stay at the shop for as long as he likes. When someone comes in who can see him, then he'll be that person's invisible friend. Moosey wishes that he had an invisible friend, too.

A cranky blue monster named Becca Bicker enters the shop, arguing with her fish, Fishy. Mopatop and Puppyduck are confused, because all they see is a monster arguing with herself -- Fishy is Becca's invisible friend. Becca wants to trade Fishy in for another invisible friend; all they do is fight.

Becca can see Midip, and she instantly takes a liking to him. As they cuddle, Moosey approaches the other invisible friend -- the mouse can see Fishy, and asks if they can be friends. Fishy agrees, and Moosey takes his new friend up to the attic to introduce him to Father Mouse and Mother Mouse. They can't see Fishy, but they're happy that Moosey has a new friend.

Mopatop says farewell to Midip, who goes off happily with Becca.


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