Mopatop's Shop
Written by Jocelyn Stevenson
Director Tom Poole

Mopatop opens the episode by offering ice cream, a moonbeam or a lovely dream.

Puppyduck looks at the dream that Mopatop is gazing at in the Dream Department -- it's the shop! Mopatop says that the shop is his dream. Puppyduck has bigger dreams -- a giant strawberry jam sandwich.

A dragon enters, carrying a sparkly blue satin sack over his shoulder. He introduces himself as the Dream Collector, and says that he'd like to add some dreams to his collection.

Up in the attic, Moosey Mouse is very impressed, and wants to offer one of his dreams to the Dream Collector. He asks Mother Mouse and Father Mouse to help him find some dreams. They're busy practicing tai chi, but they tell him to look in the dream drawer. Moosey opens the dream drawer, and various cheeses float up into the air -- it's full of mouse dreams. Rummaging around, Moosey finds his favorite dream -- a giant, multi-colored umbrella. The Dream Collector is sure to like that one!

Down in the shop, the Dream Collector is unimpressed with the stock in the Dream Department. Puppyduck asks if he's interested in a nightmare, and offers him a Bellowing Banana. The dragon sniffs that he doesn't want any nightmares. Moosey releases his dream, and the giant umbrella floats around the shop. The Dream Collector sighs; he has one of those, too.

The Dream Collector says that they don't have any dreams that he wants, and starts to leave the shop. Puppyduck is astonished -- "Mopatop, we can't let him leave! He's not a happy customer!" Mopatop offers to dream a brand-new dream together.

Everyone in the shop concentrates, and they all sing a song together about "a shop in a rainbow filled with penguins with umbrellas." The dream also involves singing cheeses and dancing strawberry jam sandwiches. But then the Bellowing Banana interrupts with a loud screech, and spoils the dream. Everyone is disappointed, but Mopatop dreams a new dream in which the Bellowing Banana stops screaming and laughs instead. They dream again, and this time, the chuckling banana joins in.

The Dream Collector is thrilled, and he puts the new dream into his sack. He's learned a lot about dreams today -- the next time he wants a new dream for his collection, he'll dream it up himself. Puppyduck encourages him to come back to the shop if he'd like; they're always happy to help.


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