Sesame Street
Reading "The Three Jolly Monsters"
Air date January 18, 1990
Season Season 21 (1989-1990)
Written by David Korr
Sponsors A, P, 15
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Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Snuffy and Alice look for things that start with the letter P. Oscar gets upset when they use his pet puppy Preposterous as an example.
Cartoon P for Planet
(First: Episode 2008)
Muppets Ernie & Bert — It's cold outside, so Bert tries to ask Ernie to play a game with him. Ernie keeps bringing winter equipment into the room, thinking Bert wants to play outside. It turns out he just wants to play a game of checkers.
(First: Episode 1617)
Animation A rock does somersaults for its peers, but gets little applause.
(First: Episode 2021)
Cast Live at Sesame Hall, Bob, Maria, and Luis sing "The Curious Cantata" about a bird who asks a lot of questions, played by the ever-curious Big Bird.
(First: Episode 2160)
Cartoon Sign Man: OINK
(First: Episode 1163)
Muppets / Celebrity Ruby shows James Galway that she has trouble playing the flute. He shows her how to blow into it, but she eventually decides to use it as a baton instead, while he plays.
(First: Episode 2605)
Cartoon A baby climbs up the stairs all by himself.
(First: Episode 1717)
Muppets Waiter Grover has a new method of remembering orders: He makes up a poem to remember what is ordered and who ordered it. Mr. Johnson orders a cheeseburger with a pickle and French fries, which Grover interprets as "Round and tasty on a bun, pickles, French fries, yum, yum, yum!" However, he brings Mr. Johnson a grapefruit on a bun.
(First: Episode 2418)
Animation A white shell is uncovered in the sand.
(First: Episode 2044)
Insert Three of These Kids (upside-down girl)
(First: Episode 0413)
Animation A/a (Gordon voice-over)
(EKA: Episode 2240)
Muppets Live from the Nestropolitan Opera, Phil Harmonic introduces the staged production of Peligro starring Placido Flamingo.
(First: Episode 2273)
Cartoon Geronimo 10-0: Instead of a parachute, she has a helicopter propeller.
(EKA: Episode 2363)
SCENE 2 Elmo is reading a book, "The Three Jolly Monsters" (by Sabrina T. Pagebottom). He's soon joined by Big Bird, Telly Monster and Athena, who crowd around trying to read as well.
Cartoon Rap #15
(First: Episode 2567)
Animation A dune buggy is assembled.
(First: Episode 0506)
Cartoon A postal worker tells the viewer what the post office is good for.
Artist: Cliff Roberts
(First: Episode 0783)
Cast Luis and Linda assemble the word COLD, and it snows.
(First: Episode 2067)
Animation Where do the a's fit?
(First: Episode 1586)
Song Olivia sings "The Riddle."
(First: Episode 1721)
Cartoon An owl flies, carrying a sign that says "PELIGRO."
(First: Episode 0787)
Muppets The Two-Headed Monster fights over the letters P and R, one of them displaying P foods and the other one displaying R foods (and a radio). They have a picnic, which is cut short due to rain.
(First: Episode 1574)
Cartoon Blue and pink characters fight for a spot on the subway, until Pink spots an open seat.
(First: Episode 1580)
SCENE 3 Everyone shuffles around trying to get a good view of the book, when Hiroshi comes over and says they need a better system. Athena proposes they get a grown-up to read to them and they nominate Hiroshi (as he's the only one around).
Cartoon "Five Baby Oysters"
(First: Episode 2257)
Film A boy who lives in Alaska narrates a film of himself going ice-fishing with his grandfather and sister.
(EKA: Episode 2375)
Cartoon A boy gets lost, and encounters a man with a yo-yo, who tells him to remember everything he passed.
Artist: Jeff Hale
(First: Episode 0408)
Muppets Kermit says his "ABC's of the Swamp."
(First: Episode 1960)
Cartoon P for Penguin
Artist: Jeff Hale
(First: Episode 1190)
SCENE 4 Hiroshi reads everyone "The Three Jolly Monsters." Unfortunately, they're left on a cliffhanger when Hiroshi finds the last page of the book is missing.
Cartoon "In and Out Crowd"
Artist: Sally Cruikshank
(First: Episode 2612)
Film Sesame Street Animal Films: Animals have tails.
(First: Episode 0017)
Cast A voiceover instructs Maria as Chaplin where to put the shirts and the towels.
(First: Episode 0541)
The A box!
Cartoon A man displays his invention, the A-box, which only takes the letter A.
(First: Episode 0781)
SCENE 5 Big Bird has left, while the others wonder how the story ends. Big Bird returns, having located Sabrina T. Pagebottom herself, who brings a compete copy of her book. She reads them the ending of the story, which Athena points out is what she predicted.

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