Sesame Street
Plot Fire at 123, part 2
Air date February 23, 1990
Season Season 21 (1989-1990)
Written by Cathi Rosenberg-Turow
Sponsors A, J, 0
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Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 The morning after Susan, Gordon, and Miles evacuated their apartment due to the fire, Big Bird pays them a visit, where they've spent the night at the Rodriguezes' apartment. He asks how they are -- and specifically how Miles is, who is sleeping in Gabi's room. Maria and Luis wake up, and Big Bird tells the assembled grown-ups that he brought them birdseed pancakes for breakfast, much to the chagrin of everyone else.
Jenny Jeff Jacket
Cartoon A disobedient jacket illustrating words that begin with the letter J annoys an off-screen narrator, which reveals two kids named Jenny and Jeff inside of it.
(First: Episode 0527)
Celebrity Linda Ronstadt sings a special rewritten version of "Y Andalé" with a mariachi band.
(First: Episode 2487)
Cartoon "The Noble Ostrich", a segment about the day-to-day activities of ostriches. Includes an animated appearance by Big Bird.
Artist: Bruce Cayard
(EKA: Episode 1056)
Film Hands build things out of triangles and squares while off-screen voices try to figure out what the constructions will be.
(First: Episode 0004)
Muppets The Two-Headed Monster sounds out the word SHADOW, then sees one of itself projected behind it.
(First: Episode 2578)
Cartoon At a construction site, a blue man builds a cuckoo clock, which gives him his lunch.
(EKA: Episode 2495)
SCENE 2 Maria, Susan and Gordon inspect the apartment. Oscar is already there to get a good look at the mess within. He's appalled to hear that they'll actually be tiding up the place, but they allow him to keep the dirty cleaning rags when they're done.
Cartoon A boy counts down to 0 as he eats his soup.
(EKA: Episode 2283)
Muppets Kermit smells smoke. An Anything Muppet girl tells him that there's a fire "over there", and Kermit screams for the fireman. Grover comes along wearing a white coat and a stethoscope; then carrying a pitchfork, and talking about his cows, chickens and the barn. Kermit reminds him that a fireman puts out fires. When Grover finally arrives with a hose, they discover that the fire is coming from the girl toasting marshmallows over a small campfire.
(EKA: Episode 0348)
Song Sesame Street Creature Feature: Joe Raposo sings "The Goat."
(EKA: Episode 2366)
Cartoon A man explains to a girl what a surprise is.
Artist: Bruce Cayard
(First: Episode 1358)
Muppets "The Ten Commandments of Health"
(First: Episode 1139)
Cartoon A man learns that it's better not to pick the flowers.
(EKA: Episode 0808)
SCENE 3 Big Bird watches as everyone on the street pitches in to help fix up Gordon and Susan's apartment. Grundgetta comes over to listen to the loud noise it all makes.
Cartoon A for Acorn
(First: Episode 1626)
Film A girls' jump-rope team trains for a contest. They end up winning second place.
(First: Episode 2510)
Cartoon Es un gato
(First: Episode 1966)
Muppets The Count sings "That's What Counts" about the ten things most important to him.
(EKA: Episode 2458)
Cartoon A young man carrying a brown paper bag walks up to the bridgekeeper and asks him if he works there. He orders him to show him whatever circles are in the bag, and to eat them. He is ordered to eat three round foods: a cookie, a pepperoni pizza, and a slice of watermelon. Once he is granted permission to cross the bridge, however, he tells the bridgekeeper that he was merely trying to deliver the latter's groceries.
(First: Episode 1582)
SCENE 4 The apartment is fully cleaned up. Big Bird realizes that since the fire was in the basement of the building, it could've harmed his old, baby bird nest he keeps stored down there. He rushes down to check.
Animation An owl is formed out of seeds.
(EKA: Episode 2545)
Film Body Part Shout-Out
Music: Joe Raposo
(EKA: Episode 0813)
Muppets Sesame Street News Flash
The hare challenges The Tortoise to a rematch: this time, the Tortoise comes equipped with a jet-pack.
Cartoon A - acrobat ball
(EKA: Episode 2453)
Muppets "ABC Disco"
(First: Episode 1324)
Cartoon Various sounds are demonstrated, including an alarm clock, a baby crying, a telephone, a faucet dripping, and a boy sneezing.
Artist: Irra Verbitsky
(First: Episode 1483)
SCENE 5 Big Bird's baby bird nest has been damaged beyond repair, unfortunately. He feels sad, but everyone assures him he'll be fine again soon.
Cartoon A man creates an avalanche on the letter A. (Spanish soundtrack)
Artist: Cliff Roberts
(EKA: Episode 1316)
Muppets A woman (Jim Henson) volunteers to assist The Amazing Mumford in his surprise magic trick. Mumford makes her disappear – but when he tries to make her reappear, Herry Monster pops up, saying "SURPRISE!"
(EKA: Episode 0381)
Cartoon A girl narrates a poem about the sad time when her goldfish died.
Artist: Bruce Cayard
(EKA: Episode 2228)
Muppets Cookie Monster sings "If Moon Was Cookie."
(EKA: Episode 2518)
Cartoon A detective follows a path on the street which consists of a straight line, followed by dots. He finds out that the truck that paints the dividing road lines happens to sputter every few feet, which is where the dots come from.
(EKA: Episode 2292)
SCENE 6 Big Bird gathers everyone around the stoop in a goodbye ceremony for his baby nest. He recites a poem he's written, "To My Baby Nest," as Maria shows the pictures he's drawn along with it. He then drops it into Oscar's can so he can take care of it from now on. Then, Gordon invites everyone, including the firefighters, to a celebratory party at their apartment.

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