Sesame Street
The Dawg family moves to Sesame Street
Air date January 25, 1991
Season Season 22 (1990-1991)
Written by Jeff Moss
Directed by Emily Squires
Production October 22, 1990
Sponsors G, U, 19

2800 00

Picture Segment Description
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SCENE 1 Big Bird sees a large amount of stuff on the sidewalk, as an employee of the ABC Moving Company (Phil Hartman) moves more and more things from the truck. Big Bird sees photos of dogs and various doggy items in the boxes and assumes the new residents are dog-lovers. They turn out to be dogs themselves - Bill and Val Dawg, new tenants in apartment 3B of 123 Sesame Street. Big Bird calls out for everyone to meet their new neighbors.
Cartoon Rap #19
(First: Episode 2560)
Muppets Waiter Grover has a new method of remembering orders: He makes up a poem to remember what is ordered and who ordered it. Mr. Johnson orders a cheeseburger with a pickle and French fries, which Grover interprets as "Round and tasty on a bun, pickles, French fries, yum, yum, yum!" However, he brings Mr. Johnson a grapefruit on a bun.
(First: Episode 2418)
Film Five girls play a clapping game.
(First: Episode 2763)
Muppets / Celebrity Randy Travis sings "How Should I Tell You I Love You" while Telly acts it out.
Animation Arnold uses his imagination.
Artist: Craig Bartlett
(First: Episode 2754)
2800 02
SCENE 2 Gordon, Susan, and Luis welcome the Dawg family, whose daughter, Brooke, hides nearby. She misses their old dog home and isn't keen on making any new, non-tailed friends. She warms up to Miles when she learns they have some things in common, but starts crying again when she meets Big Bird: she could never be friends with a big, yellow bird.
Animation G/g musical notes (Gordon voiceover)
(First: Episode 2233)
Muppets Ernie and Bert: "That's What Friends Are For": Ernie sings to Bert about friends being tolerant of each other's differences, while Bert just wants to sleep.
(EKA: Episode 2073)
Cartoon A U train spells the words "unite," "U-turn," "underground," "up," and "universe."
(First: Episode 0624)
Song Children of all kinds sing "We All Sing with the Same Voice".
(First: Episode 1708)
Cartoon Animals walk.
(First: Episode 0926)
2800 03
SCENE 3 Big Bird comes across Brooke drawing a picture. He tells her how sad he felt when a friend of his moved away and finds some common ground with Brooke when they learn they both like to draw. Brooke starts to see how nice people are around the block, but wishes she was still in her old home.
Cartoon Vaudeville duo Herman Happy and Stanley Sad sing a song about how they live up to their names.
(First: Episode 0772)

Film Lamont, who lives in the city, visits his friend Adrian, who lives in the country. Together they ride bikes, swim, and have dinner with Adrian's family.
Animation "¡Él juega fútbol!"
(First: Episode 2104)
Muppets The Two-Headed Monster follows the arrows.
(First: Episode 1627)
Cartoon "In and Out Crowd"
Artist: Sally Cruikshank
(First: Episode 2612)
Muppets Muppet & Kid MomentGrover and Katie think of rhymes.
(First: Episode 1644)
Song "Spanish Foods Song"
(First: Episode 1111)
2800 04
SCENE 4 Oscar meets Brooke as she angrily writes a poem about her experiences. Oscar has her read the poem, entitled "Moving." She reads it angrily at first, but when Oscar asks to hear it again, she finds she can't feel as angry and even adds Oscar into the poem, calling him "nice" and "cute," which makes him angry.
Animation Number creatures #19
(First: Episode 2718)
Animation A dune buggy is assembled.
(First: Episode 0506)

Muppets Mac TV host Old MacDonald introduces the newest music video, "A New Way to Walk" performed by The Oinker Sisters.
(EKA: Episode 2268)
Cartoon G for Gorilla
(First: Episode 2491)
Muppets Muppet & Kid MomentKermit the Frog talks with Chris about teaching his little sister, Stephanie, to talk. Chris practices the alphabet.
(First: Episode 0495)
Song "Fixin' My Hair"
(First: Episode 2734)
Cartoon U for uniform.
(First: Episode 0702)
2800 05
SCENE 5 Val tells Gordon that their box of old, chewed-up slippers appears to have been misplaced by the movers. Oscar, overhearing, lets her borrow one of his, hoping it will be returned in even worse condition. He also hopes they'll return the favor by letting him borrow their slippers when they turn up.
Cartoon The Typewriter gets stuck in a spot of glue, and types "G: Glue."
(First: Episode 0775)
Song Joe Raposo sings "Doggy Paddle."
(First: Episode 1967)
Cartoon A pattern of daisies and tulips - can you tell what comes next?
(First: Episode 2256)
Cast Big Bird watches the shape dancers make a triangle.
(First: Episode 1265)
Beat The Time
Muppets Guy Smiley hosts "Beat the Time". In order to win a cookie, Cookie Monster has to bring in three things that rhyme with the word "rain" before the hand goes around the clock. They turn out to be an old man's "cane", a "chain" (to which Frazzle is attached), and finally a "train" which destroys the set.
(First: Episode 0446)
Cartoon A map of Africa morphs into the shape of animals that are found there.
(First: Episode 2627)
2800 06

SCENE 6 The Dawgs thank their new neighbors for their hospitality by wagging their tails. The moving man returns with their box of old slippers. On cue, Oscar pops up and inspects them with the group. Big Bird announces the sponsors.

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