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Elmo plays "Three of These Things"
Air date April 4, 1991
Season Season 22 (1990-1991)
Written by Cathi Rosenberg-Turow
Directed by Jon Stone
Production January 3-4, 1991
Sponsors J, O, 13


Picture Segment Description

SCENE 1 Big Bird looks in his mailbox, and to his surprise, he finds a square. He goes outside to find out who it belongs to, and finds that Mike and Maria also have squares of their own which they got in the mail. Telly shows up, displaying the triangle he got in the mail, which confuses them further. Finally, Elmo pops up to reveal to them that he put those shapes in their mailboxes so they could all play a "Three of These Things" game with him. In this game, three of the shapes are squares, but one is a triangle, so it doesn't belong. Telly suddenly worries that he'll have to give back the triangle now that the game is over, but Elmo lets him keep it. Telly happily runs off with the triangle, and Elmo announces that he'll be playing "Three of These Things" all day long today.
Cartoon The Four Squares sing "It's Hip To Be a Square."
Artists: Vincent Cafarelli & Candy Kugel
(First: Episode 2615)
Muppets Super Grover: "Dial S for SuperGrover" - A little girl had plans to play with a friend, Bobby, but she has too much homework and has to cancel. Super Grover arrives to help her figure out how to tell him, but while Super Grover is busy coming up with ridiculous ploys, the girl decides to just telephone him.
(First: Episode 2745)
Song "Elbows and Knees"
(First: Episode 2641)
Cartoon A shy girl wants to join a group bouncing a ball. (audible dialogue)
Artist: Joanna Priestley
Muppets / Celebrity Billy Joel and Marlee Matlin bring Oscar a used piano, but Billy uses it one last time to sing "Just the Way You Are" to Oscar while Marlee signs the lyrics.
(First: Episode 2533)
Animation Abstract count to 13.
(First: Episode 2809)
Muppets Polly Darton sings "Wavin' Goodbye to You with My Heart."
(First: Episode 1475)
GrocerySt re.jpg
Cartoon The O falls off a man's grocery store sign; he tries replacing it with a donut, then a pizza, neither of which work. Finally, the sign man paints it on.
(First: Episode 1242)
SCENE 2 Elmo has set some shape blocks on a table in the courtyard, and invites Daniel to play "Three of These Blocks" with him. Daniel is blind, and can't see the shapes, but he can tell what they are by feeling them, so he can still play the game. Three of the blocks are rectangular, but one of them is a circle.
Cartoon Two white squares try to push a great big object, and are reluctant to let a black square join them at first.
Artist: Fred Garbers
Muppets The Bicuspids sing "Kids Just Love to Brush."
(First: Episode 2060)
Cartoon 'j' minuscula
(First: Episode 0475)
Song "Starfish" by Joe Raposo (re-filmed version)
(First: Episode 2487)
Cartoon Colonel Travel takes the viewer on a tour of New Zealand.
(First: Episode 2809)
Cast Gordon sings "I Heard My Dog Bark" as Susan, Bob, Uncle Wally, and some kids make the animal sounds.
(First: Episode 2169)
Cartoon A little boy describes a time when he got angry after his toy truck was destroyed by a big kid.
Artist: ArtistMike
(First: Episode 2764)
Muppets Ernie & Bert β€” Ernie and Bert play "The Feelings Game" -- much to Bert's chagrin.
(First: Episode 2356)
Film Looking for circles in the city (Maria voice-over)
(First: Episode 2711)
Cartoon "Young MacDonald Went to Town"
(First: Episode 0787)
Animation Pieces of fruit make their way out of a basket and arrange themselves into groups.
(First: Episode 1464)

SCENE 3 Maria has her lunch at Hooper's. Elmo pops up and asks Mr. Handford for one bagel and three bananas, when Maria stops him and explains to Mr. Handford what Elmo's been doing all day, taking the game away from Elmo in the process - until Elmo explains that he wanted to eat the food, not play with it.
Animation Thirteen hamburgers dance around.
(First: Episode 2785)
Muppets Guy Smiley sings "I'll Love You in Springtime."
(First: Episode 2088)
Cartoon Sign Sounds: TAXI
(First: Episode 1136)
Film Maria and some kids count katydids hiding in the leaves.
Music: Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 2364)
Cartoon O for orange
Artist: Bruce Cayard
(First: Episode 0673)
SCENE 4 Elmo asks Maria to come over so she can play with him and Snuffy. In this "Three of These Things" game, Maria guesses that the book is what doesn't belong (among the four "objects"), and she's right. Elmo then requests for Maria to read the book to him and Snuffy, and she almost does so, but Elmo then introduces the next segment ...
Cartoon A mouse riding an armadillo sings a song about 13, his lucky number.
(First: Episode 2828)
Ssnews.cinderdress.jpg Muppets Sesame Street News Flash
Cinderella's Fairy Godmother tries to make a beautiful ball dress appear on Cinderella without success: the gown ends up on Kermit instead.
(First: Episode 2442)
Cartoon Planet J / j
(First: Episode 2833)

SCENE 5 Elmo and Snuffy are now ready for Maria to read the book to them. The book, entitled "The Snuffleupagus and the Rope," is about a rope who works as a tightrope in the circus, then as a clothesline, and finally as a jump rope for a Snuffleupagus.
When the story is over, Elmo wants to play "Three of These Things" some more, but Maria tells him it's time to go, and lets him announce the sponsors.

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