Sesame Street
Natasha crawls away
Air date April 8, 1991
Season Season 22 (1990-1991)
Sponsors H, O, 15

Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN Big Bird announces “Today on Sesame Street: Natasha Crawls.”
SCENE 1 Humphrey has to go to the store, so he leaves Natasha in Maria’s care. He warns her that Natasha has just learned to crawl, and will do so all over the place if not in someone’s watchful eye. As Maria prepares Natasha’s milk, Natasha slips out of her high chair and begins crawling away. Maria runs all over the street looking for her, finding her on the steps of 123.
SCENE 2 Maria plays a game of “peek-a-boo” with Natasha, but when it’s her turn to duck and pop up, she uses the opportunity to crawl away again.
SCENE 2 cont’d Oscar plays "peek-a-boo" with Irvine, until he has to go and sort his trash. Natasha soon finds herself at Oscar’s can, and begins playing "peek-a-boo" with Irvine. When Maria comes by to bring Natasha back to the Fix-It-Shop, Irvine begins crying, but Oscar cheers her up by playing "peek-a-boo" with her again.

SCENE 3 Maria works while Natasha takes her nap. Unbeknownst to Maria, Natasha wakes up and begins crawling away again. Oscar calls the shop to let Maria know that Natasha has crawled away again, and is currently inside his can with Irvine. She rushes to the can, and walks down the dark staircase of 20 stairs (the last of which is broken), while Natasha crawls out the back door and heads for the street. A wet, dirty Maria emerges from the can and catches her.
SCENE 4 Maria has pinned bells to Natasha’s bonnet so she will know when she leaves and where she is. After Humphrey calls, Maria finds Natasha has escaped again, so she listens for the bells.
SCENE 4 cont'd She heads for the arbor, where Linda and Barkley have found the bells that fell off Natasha. They think of where she may be, not noticing Natasha crawl down the street. Barkley picks up a scent from the bells and begins taking them all over the street, but instead finds his dinner bowl. Maria and Linda round up a search party, while Natasha appears behind Oscar’s can.
SCENE 5 Humphrey arrives back from the store, just as Natasha returns to her high chair. Maria tries talking her way out of watching her again tomorrow as a confused Humphrey hears the street residents call for Natasha. Big Bird announces the sponsors.


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