Sesame Street
Savion gives tap lessons
Air date April 23, 1991
Season Season 22 (1990-1991)
Written by Belinda Ward
Directed by Lisa Simon
Production January 7, 1991
Sponsors F, X, 17


Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN Savion mentions that today, he’s giving a lot of people tap dancing lessons.

SCENE 1 Savion gives a lesson to Mike and Alex, who want to know how they can be just as good. Savion begins rapping about the importance of practice. Mike and Alex tap off to the library as Savion’s next student arrives – Linda, who brings Barkley.
Animation 17 derby hats drop onto a balloon head.
(First: Episode 2820)
Film Exploring on the ocean rocks.
(First: Episode 1414)
GuyAudience Muppets Guy Smiley takes his 39-member studio audience to a restaurant, but there is no place for him to sit.
(First: Episode 2646)
Animation The letter X in various typefaces.
Muppets Muppet & Kid MomentErnie, Bert and Shola talk about the letter X.
(First: Episode 0560)
Cartoon Gerald's dog Sparky likes to pretend he's an alligator.
(First: Episode 1519)

SCENE 2 Linda and Savion try to practice, but Barkley keeps getting in the way. She tells him Barkley wants to tap dance too. Savion imagines what a tap dancing dog would be like, envisioning Linda and Barkley performing an elegant dance routine. Back in reality, they both agree he would not make a good dancer. He tries to teach Barkley, but is instead pounced upon.
Film Children dance to different rhythms from around the world.
(First: Episode 2499)
Cartoon Typewriter: F for Fly
(First: Episode 0781)
Muppets Astronaut Prairie Dawn floats on a space shuttle, when Elmo pops up out of nowhere, offering to help her. He soon learns that there is no need for a policeman, a construction worker, or a farmer in space (unless there's a cow).
Animation Cecille sings "Brushin' Down the Doggies."
Film A boy compares the growth of the sunflowers to his own height.
Music: Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0589)
Animation Sand F/f
(First: Episode 0629)
SCENE 3 Big Bird does a dance for Savion and wishes that everyone tap danced all the time. Savion has him imagine the consequences – Gina would drop her tray of food and Mike would drop his tray of milk glasses. Big Bird sees how great it is everyone doesn’t dance all the time (“Why, we’d never get to eat lunch!”). He and Savion join Gina and Mike for food.
Film Storks fly around and dance in their nest as flamenco music plays.
Muppets Sesame Street News Flash: Kermit the Frog reports on Rapunzel, who has been locked in a tower by the wicked witch. Prince Charming comes to rescue her by asking to let down her hair, and she literally does... by having her hair fall off her head.
(First: Episode 0409)
Cartoon Leanna Williams tells a story of how she traveled to Hawaii and bought a Hawaiian shirt.
Artist: ArtistMike
(First: Episode 2745)
Film How sweaters are made from sheep's wool.
(First: Episode 1009)
Animation The letter X appears on-screen.
(First: Episode 2779)
Muppets Annette Monster and Frankie Monster sing "Love the Ocean" to urge others to "show respect for the sea" and refrain from throwing trash in the water.
(First: Episode 2680)
Film Kids play bongo drums loud and soft.
SCENE 4 Shelly the Turtle (wearing tap shoes and a backwards cap) is ready to have a lesson. However, since he’s a turtle, he can’t dance as fast as Savion. He shows Shelly a slow dance they can do. They then realize they can each dance at their own pace.
Animation Rap #17
(First: Episode 2488)
Muppets Ernie & BertErnie turns on the radio to hear his favorite exercise show, Get Moving. He engages the viewer to do all the exercises he does, such as touching toes and jumping. Bert joins in, and has so much fun jumping that he doesn't notice that his favorite program, Pigeons in the News, is coming on.
(First: Episode 1025)
Song Joe Raposo sings "What Do You Do With a Fruit?"
(First: Episode 2050)
Chicken Soup Needs a Spoon
Muppets Waiter Grover: Grover serves Mr. Johnson a bowl of chicken soup. Johnson says that he can't eat the soup, and Grover can't guess why. "That settles it," Johnson sighs. "From now on, I'm bringing my lunch to work in a paper sack." He finally explains to Grover that he can't eat the soup because he doesn't have a spoon.
(First: Episode 0358)
Cartoon A dinosaur tries to move around a rock.
(First: Episode 2744)
Cast Hoots shows Gordon and some kids the art of "Talkin' Scat".
(First: Episode 2389)
Aardvark edited
Song Joe Raposo sings "I'm an Aardvark."
Re-filmed version
(First: Episode 2520)
Cartoon A police officer puts various people in their right buildings in a mixed up town.
Muppets Cookie Monster introduces the word "AMOR".
(First: Episode 0601)
Cartoon Two men push two large bird eggs to the top of two hills.
(First: Episode 0773)
Celebrity Linda Ronstadt sings a special rewritten version of "Y Andalé" with a mariachi band.
(First: Episode 2487)
Cartoon Snacks on Parade: Peanut Butter
Artist: Bruce Cayard
(First: Episode 1301)
SCENE 5 As the teenagers play basketball, Shelly announces the sponsors.


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