Mother Goose Stories
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Written by David Angus
Director Brian Henson

Mother Goose's goslings pretend to lay eggs like hens. When one of them boasts about having the most eggs, Mother Goose tells them the story of Hickety Pickety.


Hickety Pickety is a hen living on a farm with two other hens and a human girl named Rachel, she lays nine and sometimes ten eggs a day. Gentlemen visit every day to see how many eggs Hickety has laid. One morning, she lays a total of ten eggs. The truth is revealed when Harold the Rat confesses to taking the eggs of the other hens and placing them under her nest, only wanting to help her. Hickety is angry at this and goes on to lay her twelve eggs. During her attempts, the other hens each begin to lay. When Rachel returns, she discovers that the hens laid three eggs each, and one of the hens bet they can lay more the next day. Feeling guilty, Hickety runs out thinking she did it all herself, but Harold helped her and she apologizes to Harold. Harold appears out of the hay, apologizing as well. Rachel compliments her and says that three eggs are okay too. Hickety then remarks that she can lay three eggs and sometimes four, but sticks to three. She then tells Harold that he's not bad after all and asks if he would like to be friends with her, in which Harold agrees.


Hickety Pickety, Harold the Rat, Rachel, The Gentlemen