Sesame Street
Roxie Marie and Elmo capture a Doozy bug
Air date December 27, 1991
Season Season 23 (1991-1992)
Written by Emily Perl Kingsley
Directed by Jon Stone
Production September 20, 1991
Sponsors F, Q, 12
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Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN A Doozy bug crawls across a crate in the courtyard. Roxie Marie tells Elmo to get out of her way, because she wants to follow the bug. Elmo wants to help her chase it, but she says he can't because he'll be in the way. He promises not to get in the way, but it's hard for him to keep that promise ...
SCENE 1 Roxie has set out some books about bugs (including one about Bugs Bunny), one of which is bound to have information about the Doozy bug. Maria points out that some bugs are dangerous, which Roxie is already aware of. They search through the stack of books, and look inside the last one, All About Bugs. Roxie learns that the Doozy bug has 7 legs, lives only on Sesame Street, uses a pogo stick to get around, wears a feathery hat, and whistles through its nose. Its favorite food is corn on the cob, and its hobbies are building with blocks, using a typewriter, and playing the guitar. Just then, they spot the very bug they've been reading about, and Roxie struggles to get Elmo out of her way so she can chase it.
Cartoon Two kids find different uses for a cooking pot.
(First: Episode 0795)
Muppets How Now Brown and the Moo Wave perform the song "Danger's No Stranger."
(First: Episode 2030)
Animation Fans unveil Q and q.
(First: Episode 2895)
Film As a boy plays with a tugboat in the bathtub, we watch footage of a real tugboat.
(First: Episode 0801)
Cartoon Geronimo 10-0: Instead of a parachute, she has a helicopter propeller.
(EKA: Episode 2363)
Muppets "Honk Around the Clock"
(First: Episode 1631)
Cartoon A determined little boy makes several attempts to fly, and eventually gets his dad to take him on an airplane.
(EKA: Episode 2029)

SCENE 2 Roxie Marie lets Elmo borrow her bug net, but makes it clear that the bug she's going after belongs to her, not Elmo. After she goes away, Elmo hears the sounds of typing on a typewriter and guitar playing. He also spots a stack of giant blocks in the courtyard. He remembers that the Doozy bug likes all of these things, so he rushes over to the courtyard, thinking the bug is there. Instead of catching the bug, he learns that the blocks belong to Telly, Luis was playing the guitar, and Gordon was using a typewriter. Just then, Roxie spots the bug on the same crate she saw him on before, and tells Elmo to give her the net, but he looks in the wrong direction for it ...
Song "Beautiful Baby" song, over footage of various babies and their parents.
(First: Episode 1484)
Animation Sand Q/q
(First: Episode 0623)
Muppets / Celebrity Kadeem Hardison says the alphabet with Natasha.
(First: Episode 2787)
Film A man takes two kids on a boat ride through the Louisiana bayou.
(First: Episode 2520)
Cartoon A man teaches his dog Rover how to read the word SIT.
(First: Episode 0304)
Muppets Guy Smiley hosts "Dialing for Prizes Movie."
(First: Episode 0629)
Cartoon A football player talks about his favorite sport.
Artist: John and Faith Hubley
(First: Episode 0135)

SCENE 3 Roxie has set up a trail to lead the bug towards her, using Gordon's typewriter, Luis's guitar, and a plate of corn on the cob. She thinks she has succeeded in trapping the bug, but it was Elmo who fell into the trap (he wanted to see what it felt like to be a bug). Suddenly, they hear the bug become lured into the typewriter and the guitar, and see it stop by the corncobs. Roxie throws her net over the bug, who remarks, "I am not amused ..."
Animation Planet Q / q
(First: Episode 2838)
HerryJohnJohn loudsoft
Muppets Muppet & Kid MomentHerry and John-John demonstrate loud and soft.
(First: Episode 0432)
Aardvark edited
Song Joe Raposo sings "I'm an Aardvark."
Re-filmed version
(First: Episode 2520)
Muppets Ernie plays a game of "Touch Your Face" with the viewer.
(First: Episode 0869)
Cartoon "The Story of Princess Twelvia".
Artist: Irra Verbitsky
(First: Episode 1676)
Muppets At the saloon, Clementine asks for Forgetful Jones to sing a song. Buster plays "What's the Name of That Song?" on the piano, and the crowd (including a cow) sings along, but Forgetful keeps asking what the name of the song is.
(First: Episode 1696)
Cartoon Zork lands on the coast of California, where he meets a slick agent.
Artist: ArtistMike
(First: Episode 2687)

SCENE 4 Maria gives Roxie a shoe box for the bug (with holes in it so it can breathe). She plans to take the bug home and keep it in her room. Suddenly, they hear the bug crying inside the box. She lets the bug out of the box, and learns that it wants to go home to its family. Roxie sadly realizes that she has to let the bug go, and says goodbye to it. Elmo says, "It's nice to make a bug happy, Roxie."
Cartoon Vaudeville duo Herman Happy and Stanley Sad sing a song about how they live up to their names.
(First: Episode 0772)
Muppets The Two-Headed Monster looks at itself in mirrors, and the right half notices that both of them are the same; they have the same nose, mouth, and hands. The other half points out that they're different: their horns point different ways, their hair is different, and their laughter is different.
(First: Episode 1769)
Cartoon Can you see the car, frog and bird in the picture?
(First: Episode 1479)
Insert Wanda the Word Fairy demonstrates the word TELEPHONE, but is unable to remove the word from the telephone booths. (ending edited)
(First: Episode 2655)
Film A boy who lives in the Congo (in Africa) narrates a film of the kinds of games he and his friends play.
(First: Episode 2668)
Cartoon Q for Quiet
Artist: John Korty
(First: Episode 0441)

SCENE 5 Hoots notices Roxie feeling very sad about letting her bug go. He knows how she feels - owls like bugs as well (but for a different reason). It becomes dark as he plays his saxophone and sings the "Lost Bug Blues" with his back-up band.
Cartoon F - finished
(First: Episode 0128)
Film Body part shout-out
(First: Episode 0264)
Muppets Monsterpiece Theater: "The Postman Always Rings Twice"
(First: Episode 2729)
Cartoon The Ringmaster displays 12 fluttering finches.
(First: Episode 1295)
SCENE 6 Roxie mopes near Oscar's trash can, when Elmo tries to tell her something important. She refuses to talk to Elmo anymore today, since he seemed to get in her way in everything. Elmo shrugs, and goes off to play with his new Doozy bug pals by himself. Unlike Roxie, he knows that friends don't belong in boxes.
SCENE 6 cont'd Hoots announces the sponsors, and the credits follow.


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