Sesame Street
Oscar's GO sign
Air date January 21, 1992
Season Season 23 (1991-1992)
Written by Sara Compton
Sponsors C, F, 0


Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Oscar hammers a sign onto his trash can, which says "GO". Instead of keeping people away, it attracts the attention of Polly Darton, who sings a song about the word.
Cartoon Cloud blows things FFFFFFFF
(First: Episode 0387)
Film Two boys walk though a city neighborhood to some funky break dancing music.
(First: Episode 2679)
Cartoon Sign Sounds: WALK TALL
(First: Episode 1161)
Muppets "Pond Full of Fish"
(First: Episode 2840)
Film Ducks swim and fly.
Music: Chopin's Valse Op. 64, no. 2)
(First: Episode 2510)
SCENE 2 The Birdketeers leave after the latest meeting and start hanging around Oscar's trash can. Oscar points out his "GO" sign and wants them to do so, possibly heading to the park. Maria points out they shouldn't cross the street without a grownup friend's hand, so Oscar guilts her into taking the kids to the park and leaving him alone.
Film A girl draws a picture of her friend, Dai Xi.
(First: Episode 2791)
Celebrity Paul Simon and Ladysmith Black Mambazo sing the African Alphabet Song.
(First: Episode 2431)
Cartoon F: A frog and a fly. (voiceover: Casey Kasem)
(First: Episode 0034)
Muppets The Two-Headed Monster learns how to use a toothbrush.
(First: Episode 1189)
Cartoon "Crocodile Smiles Song": A crocodile sings about good oral hygiene.
Artist: Michael Sporn
(First: Episode 1731)
SCENE 3 Roxie Marie happens by and asks Oscar about his sign. She finds they have some common ground and decides to follow the sign's order.
Cartoon A boy counts down to 0 as he eats his soup.
(First: Episode 2283)
Muppets "Fat Cat"
(First: Episode 0536)
Film A girls' jump-rope team trains for a contest. They end up winning second place.
(First: Episode 2510)
C- Cap.JPG
Cartoon Speech Balloon: C - Cap
(First: Episode 0154)

SCENE 4 Now outside of Oscar's can is a pair of Dingers; the larger one is teaching the younger one how to properly ding. Oscar wants them gone and asks how communicate that through dinging. Since he has no bell, he imagines dinging it instead. The older Dinger is impressed and leaves the younger one in his care.
Song "Every Bit of Litter Hurts"
(First: Episode 2721)
Film A still of construction equipment fades into a shot of a parrot.
(First: Episode 1535)
Counting Fruit.JPG
Muppets Ernie & BertBert wants to sort his paper clips, but he can't concentrate because Ernie is counting fruit. Bert decides to wait until Ernie is done. This proves to be a bad idea: after counting all of the fruit in the bowl, Ernie begins to count all the fruits of which he has zero.
(First: Episode 2315)
Film A boy makes fruit salad.
(First: Episode 1195)
Animation Cecille sings “Up Down, In Out, Over and Under.”
(First: Episode 2746)

SCENE 5 Stuck with the Dinger youngling, Oscar decides to play a little counting game with it. The fun attracts a Honker dad and his baby, who also leaves his child with Oscar.
Cartoon Stop-frame animation of a girl on a beach, reading a book containing pictures of various sea creatures that come to life as she comes to their pages.
(First: Episode 1434)
Cartoon What does the word COLD match with?
(First: Episode 2087)
Film Trees are very nice places, for animals and for people.
(First: Episode 0455)
Oldc 06.jpg
Muppets Monsterpiece Theater
Grover plays the title role in "The Old Man and the C" by rocking atop the letter in a rowboat.
(First: Episode 2710)
Cartoon A fan reveals the letter C.
(First: Episode 2746)
Film Seashells form various patterns in the sand.
(First: Episode 2031)
Insert Hoots does "The Birdcall Boogie" with Gina, Mike and some kids.
(First: Episode 2644)
Animation Draw a line from the dog to the bowl and underline the hen.
(First: Episode 2178)
Muppets Here is Your Life
Guy Smiley salutes a still life painting of a bowl of fruit.
(First: Episode 2572)
Cartoon The boss of Muzby's Treetop Flowers tells his secretary that he doesn't want any calls unless they're important. Employee Henry tries to make an important call while hanging out on a limb.
(First: Episode 2747)
Muppets Kermit and some Anything Muppets sing "I Wonder 'Bout the World Above."
(First: Episode 2679)
Cartoon Dinah from South Carolina exchanges letters with her friend Ling Lu in China.
Artist: ArtistMike
(First: Episode 2727)

SCENE 6 Oscar realizes the sign was the biggest mistake of his life and rips it from his can, going to hide from everyone somewhere else. Maria and the kids come back and find his sign and go looking for him. They find him hiding in the arbor and shower him with affection. Polly Darton announces the sponsors.

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