Mother Goose Stories
Pussy Cat title card
Written by David Angus
Director Brian Henson

One of the Goslings comes back saying that he met the Queen, which reminds Mother Goose of the story of a very special cat.


Ella is a girl with the best dairy in all the land. She lives with her cow Buttercup and cat Snooze. Recently, the Queen is  asking for cheese. It is revealed that the Queen is being held hostage by a mouse who promised to leave her alone and refuses. While the Queen trembles, Ella makes more cheese for the queen, and when she goes back to the kingdom, Snooze goes with her. 

When the royal cheese is delivered, Snooze finds himself with the mouse in the throne room, and chases the mouse out of the castle. Snooze then sleeps on the throne, which the Queen welcomes. 

When Snooze returns home that day, he tells Buttercup where has been and what he had done, but even so, Buttercup doesn't believe him. 


Ella, Buttercup the Cow, Snooze the Cat, Prime Minister, The Queen, The Mouse