Sesame Street
Elmo practices
Air date May 8, 1992
(season finale)
Season Season 23 (1991-1992)
Written by Judy Freudberg
Directed by Emily Squires
Production January 10, 1992
Sponsors O, U, 1


Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN Maria introduces today's letters, but before she can mention the number of the day, Count von Count appears with his bats. He intends to visually show the number using his bats, until he learns the number of the day is 1. The bats argue over who will get to be the one bat, so the Count counts one bunch of bats.

SCENE 1 Elmo watches Savion do a tap dance routine. He wants to try it too, only he falls over within a few steps. Savion tells him that he's been practicing for years, which is why he makes it look so easy. He has Elmo practice a simple step, but Elmo keeps trying to do fancier moves afterwards and keeps falling over. Savion reminds him to practice the steps, but Elmo says he's practicing getting up from falling.
Song "The First Time" - Children try various activities (riding tricycles, tying shoes, etc.) and progressively improve.
(First: Episode 2950)
Animation Counting 10 shells
Muppets Kermit shows what's inside of Herry Monster using the X-ray machine.
(First: Episode 1974)
Animation Sand O/o
(First: Episode 0621)
Cartoon Kids sing "Happy Birthday". While they're singing, a birthday cake with animated candles is shown.

SCENE 2 Elmo finds the Amazing Mumford about to pull a rabbit from his hat, when Elmo insists that he try the trick first. Mumford asserts that the trick takes practice and correctly sees that Elmo can't do it on the first try. He demonstrates the trick for Elmo, only he makes a fish appear instead of a rabbit. "Like I said," he states, "it takes a lot of practice."
Cartoon Willie Wimple went a-boatin' and polluted the river.
Artist: Abe Levitow
(EKA: Episode 0590)
Film A variety of cat-shaped objects walk in front of the screen.
(First: Episode 1802)
Muppets The Cereal Girl sings about her missing "Hair Brush."
(First: Episode 2940)
Cartoon Speech Balloon: U for UP
(First: Episode 0650)
Film A girl draws a picture of her friend Amelia.
(First: Episode 2784)
Film At a bus stop, three men of different ethnicities (including Bill Irwin) dance to a hip hop beat played on a radio.
(First: Episode 2919)
Song "Above and Below" (Christopher Cerf)
(First: Episode 2839)

SCENE 3 Elmo wonders if there's something he can learn that won't take years and years of practice like tap dancing or magic. He witnesses Herry Monster getting some exercise by moving a pile of bricks back and forth in the arbor. Elmo thinks exercise won't take practice, but can't move the pile like Herry can. Elmo gets an idea and is able to move the bricks by taking them one at a time, still getting plenty of exercise. In fast-motion, he moves them from one table to the other, making himself dizzy in the process.
Cartoon What Do You Do With a Pet?
(First: Episode 0465)
Song Bob sings Joe Raposo's "Look a Little Closer". (house)
(First: Episode 2672)
Muppets After finishing the last of his party cookies, Cookie Monster takes a nap and dreams of meeting "The Monster Cookie," who used to be a fuzzy monster also, but his cookie-only diet caused him to turn into a cookie and regrets not eating healthier foods. Cookie wakes up from his dream and eats some healthier treats, with a cookie afterward.
Animation Fans reveal the letter O.
(First: Episode 2905)

Film A girl goes to school somewhere in Africa. We see the girl getting ready to go to school, as she washes herself and brushes her teeth, puts on her clothes, brushes her hair, and takes her lunch, all with some help from her mother. We see her walking past her neighbors and watching her classmates play outside as she arrives at school. The bell rings and the girl enters the school, where the teacher is passing out chalk to her students. We see the teacher teaching the students the English words: "a boy", "a girl", "a man", "a woman", which she has written on the board, along with a drawing for each word. The students repeat the words, then write them down on their individual chalkboards as we hear the girl remark, "We are learning to read and write." The students then jump up and down, as the teacher looks on, smiling. Next, we see the students jumping outside excitedly, now that school has finished.
(First: Episode 2658)
Muppets Harvey Kneeslapper asks, "Would ya like one?"
(First: Episode 0408)
Cartoon Edgar Turtle plays the banjo as some kids sing the "Bird Song."
(First: Episode 2415)
SCENE 4 Snuffy greets Mr. Handford by calling him "Mr. Handfoot" again. Grundgetta tries to get him to remember the incorrect way by giving him a memory trick (using her hand and foot). Mr. Handford sets the record straight and Snuffy promises to remember his name correctly. Grundgetta leaves as well, bidding farewell to "Mr. Elbow-nose."
Cartoon Igor listens as Dr. Frankenstein names body parts in creating another Igor.
Artist: Irra Verbitsky
(First: Episode 1637)
Muppets Grover, on a surfboard, demonstrates near and far.
(First: Episode 2859)
Film "Operation Playground" Kids at a school come up with ideas for a new playground, and raise money for the effort. Together with their parents and other people from the neighborhood, they build the playground.
(First: Episode 2360)
Cartoon A snake is on, in, under, and stuck in a tree branch.
(First: Episode 2967)
Muppets "Once Is Not Enough"
(First: Episode 2921)
Cartoon A boy narrates a poem about how he met Eleanor, the monster under his bed.
Artist: ArtistMike
(First: Episode 2773)

SCENE 5 While Oscar is away for the day, Telly is left to watch the stubborn Iago, who won't go on his run. Luis has an idea and gets an apple and plays catch with Telly, as Iago runs between them trying to catch it (knocking Telly down in the process).
Cartoon U for uniform.
(First: Episode 0702)
Film Shots of the Louisiana bayou are shown, as harmonica music is played.
(First: Episode 2507)

Muppets In honor of Charlie's birthday, Waiter Grover is only serving items that begin with a "CH" sound. Mr. Johnson orders a cheeseburger, chips, cherry pie, and chocolate ice cream, and he actually gets his food in no time, but before he can eat, the table (which the plate is on) gets taken away because it does not begin with a "CH" sound.
Cartoon "That's About the Size of It"
Artist: Bud Luckey
(First: Episode 0279)
Film Fay Ray subtracts four balls.
(First: Episode 2586)
Cartoon A person of short stature tries to get on top of a horse.
(First: Episode 1450)
SCENE 6 Telly and Luis continue getting Iago to exercise as Elmo announces the sponsors and the Barkley credit sequence follows for the last time.
So ends the 23rd season of Sesame Street.

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