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Bear in the Big Blue House
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Premiere September 9, 1999
Written by Claudia Silver
Director Mitchell Kriegman
Theme Friends

Ojo is excited about a visit from her friend, Christine. The two quickly get involved in one of Ojo's imaginative games --- a pillow castle. Tutter arrives and asks if they'd like to play checkers, but Ojo tells him she's in the middle of her game with her "best friend," Christine. Tutter is hurt by the use of the term "best friend." He creates his own friend to play with, "Mr. Cheese," but Bear helps to mend his friendship with Ojo. He also finds Pip and Pop at odds with Treelo out at the Otter Pond. He keeps pretending to be a monster during their Deep-Sea Divers game and they don't like it at all. Bear, however, introduces them to a game called The Treasure of Kalamazoo Bay.


  • Where Would You Be Without Your Friends



  • This is at least the second time that Bear has suggested a game to the kids that he once played when he was a cub. In "Share, Bear," Bear tells Ojo and Treelo about a game called "Snow Bear in the Woods" when Ojo doesn't want to share Snow Bear with Treelo.
  • It was adapted as Bear in the Big Blue House book #7, Best Friends.
  • An alternate opening was filmed with Bear and Ojo flashing back to the time Ojo "brought [Christine] those carrots that day" but unused in the final cut.

Video releases

  • Friends at Play (2003)

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