Sesame Street
Slimey and the Worm Scouts
(repeat of 2869)
Air date December 3, 1992
Season Season 24 (1992-1993)
Sponsors C, T, 5


Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Gordon helps Slimey and the Worm Scouts get across two crates by placing a book in between them.

SCENE 2 Telly has almost finished writing the alphabet, but has forgotten what a Z looks like. The Worm Scouts help by forming a Z with their bodies.

SCENE 3 Telly and Maria watch over Natasha while her mother is away. The Worm Scouts arrive and suggest they read a story from their "Nature Stories" book. Maria begins reading "The Acorn and the Squirrel," where an acorn thanks a squirrel for not eating him by growing into a large oak tree for the squirrel to live in during the winter.
SCENE 4 Telly tries to think of a place for Natasha to nap. The Worm Scouts show him why a table and newsstand won't work, but Natasha ends up falling asleep in his arms.
SCENE 5 Telly meets Gordon's grandmother, whom he is helping feed. Gordon explains how her hands hurt, so she needs some help. The two sing a song about how she used to feed him when he was young and how the roles are now reversed.
SCENE 6 Telly announces the sponsors, which the Worm Scouts form with their bodies.

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