Sesame Street
Oscar tells the story of the "Knights of the Broken Table"
(repeat of 2776)
Air date December 17, 1992
Season Season 24 (1992-1993)
Written by Luis Santeiro
Directed by Emily Squires
Production October 3, 1990
Sponsors F, Z, 19
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Picture Segment Description
2776 01a

2776 01b

2776 01c
SCENE 1 In today's Grouchketeer meeting, Oscar will read the story of Grouchelot. As the story begins, King Oscar and his Grouch court hold a meeting. King Oscar is tired of their square table and insists on a round table instead. One knight, Sir Complain-a-lot, prefers the square table. They argue until both tables collapse. Princess Grungeviere arrives and suggests they call themselves the Knights of the Broken Table instead. King Oscar is pleased with this. Back on the street, Oscar teases the next part of the story, then goes into his can while Telly and the kids beg him to finish the story.
Cartoon The letter F morphs into cartoon faces.
(First: Episode 2916)
Song Joe Raposo sings "Doggy Paddle."
(First: Episode 1967)
Cast Linda signs the word wind, and Gordon is blown away.
(First: Episode 2734)
Cartoon Fruta Manzana sings about keeping the place clean by throwing away fruit peels and apple cores.
Artist: Irra Verbitsky
(First: Episode 1485)
Song "Would You Like to Go Over?"
Cartoon Abstract count to 19
(First: Episode 2827)
2776 02a

2776 02b
SCENE 2 Oscar returns to tell the rest of the story: Sir Worry-a-lot (Telly) wishes to join the King's court, but first, he must pass some tests. For the first test, he must show he can be Grouchy for a long time. After being grouchy for two short times, he manages a long flash of grouchiness. King Oscar and the knights are pleased and announce the next test, administered by Princess Grungeviere. She states that while he may be ready to take the test, she's not ready to give it. Worry-a-lot begs her to reconsider, as we fade back to the street. Oscar puts the story on hold once more, needing to answer his phone.
Cartoon A hand draws a telephone booth.
(First: Episode 0791)
Muppets Bip Bipadotta sings about "Air."
(First: Episode 2568)
Cartoon An alien lands on Earth, looking for a Z to eat. He snatches one off a policeman's uniform, eats it, and rests.
(First: Episode 1481)
Muppets Waiter Grover has a new method of remembering orders: He makes up a poem to remember what is ordered and who ordered it. Mr. Johnson orders a cheeseburger with a pickle and French fries, which Grover interprets as "Round and tasty on a bun, pickles, French fries, yum, yum, yum!" However, he brings Mr. Johnson a grapefruit on a bun.
(First: Episode 2418)
Cartoon "The Stranger" - a song about a baseball team hesitantly allowing a newcomer to join them, who ends up helping them win the game.
Artist: Michael Sporn
(First: Episode 2108)
2776 03a

2776 03b
SCENE 3 One child had to leave during Oscar's absence and he continues with the story. The princess, in lieu of making Worry-a-lot climb a cactus or skate down a volcano, has him sing a yucky song, but he must remember the words. Worry-a-lot sings "Princess Grungeviere's Test" along with her and passes the test. However, before he can become a knight, there's one more test - he must find the HOLY PAIL! "It's a pail with a lot of holes in it," King Oscar notes. Before Oscar can continue, the phone rings again and he leaves to answer it.
Animation "¡El juega hockey!"
(First: Episode 2114)
Muppets Cookie Monster goes on a picnic, with a basket full of cookies. A bug flies by, and tries to get into the basket, buzzing furiously. Cookie Monster tries to give the bug a little cookie if it'll go away. The bug refuses, buzzing even more strenuously. Cookie tries a big cookie, but it still refuses. Cookie offers an almond cookie, a raisin cookie, a pistachio nut cookie, and a crunchy granola cookie. He realizes that the little bug doesn't like cookies. All he has left is a letter Z. The bug is excited, and buzzes off with the Z.
(First: Episode 1484)
Cartoon ifwedare
Cartoon A poem about changing seasons.
(First: Episode 0726)
Film A class makes a quilt of their faces.

Muppets Bruce Stringbean, Clarice and S Street Band perform "Born To Add."
(First: Episode 1375)
Cartoon Nineteen kernels of popcorn pop.
(First: Episode 2855)
Insert Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus have trouble taking a picture of themselves, until Gordon takes it for them.
(First: Episode 2264)
Film Alphaquest: F
A faucet finishes a fire, and flood of freaky fish.
(First: Episode 2759)
Cartoon A spider refuses to give up spinning a web, no matter how badly injured he becomes.
(First: Episode 1652)
Muppets "African Alphabet Song"
(First: Episode 2360)
Cartoon Boy and the UP balloons
(First: Episode 0364)
Insert Wanda the Word Fairy demonstrates the word TELEPHONE, but is unable to remove the word from the telephone booths. (ending edited)
(First: Episode 2655)
Animation Lollipop and feathers - what goes where?
(First: Episode 0772)
2776 04a

2776 04b
SCENE 4 Just for Telly, Oscar removes his phone line from the wall, preventing any further calls. As the story continues, Worry-a-lot sets out to find the Holy Pail. He returns instead with the Scrunched-Up Pail and the Missing Handle Pail. He ventures out once more and finds the Holy Pail! Instead of knighting him, King Oscar instead hides it for Worry-a-lot to find again. This happens several times over, until Telly, fed-up with the repetitive story, leaves until something else happens.
Twinkle Twinkle red yellow
Animation Red and yellow dots play "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star."
(First: Episode 1979)
Film Fay Ray's head moves across the floor from left to right.
Cast Carnival barker Mike runs a ball-throwing booth. Maria and Travis decide to try winning a prize by knocking down all the bottles. She tries twice, and knocks some of them down, then she lets Travis try his luck. He not only knocks all the bottles down, but the stand as well! For a prize, he wants the ball, which he obtains by way of reverse footage.
(First: Episode 2727)
Film Fay Ray's head moves across the floor from right to left.
2776 05a

2776 05 Grouchelot

2776 05b
SCENE 5 The cycle ends and finally King Oscar inducts Worry-a-lot into the Knights of the Broken Table. The ceremony ends with the singing of the Grouchelot national anthem. With the story over, Oscar tells all the Grouchketeers to scram. He then (begrudgingly) announces the sponsors.

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