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Dog City
Air Date October 1, 1994
Written by Craig Shemin & J. D. Smith
Director John Van Bruggen (animation)


Eliot Shag salutes the horror genre in this chiller thriller, but strange things start happening in his own building as Artie, Bruno and Eliot begin to think that Bowser has gone mad in a case of mistaken identity.

Meanwhile, Ace Hart and Eddie have stumbled onto a plot by Rottweiler to take over the world with his Sci - Fido monster and Rosie O'Gravy as its bride!

Mr. Moogie takes viewers on an adventure under the bed as he confronts and triumphs over "The Thing under the bed."

And the Dog City cast also puts a slant on their version of the well known Edgar Allan Poe story in "The Tell Tale Heart, Liver and Egg."

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Doggy See, Doggy Do Howl the Conquering Hero