Bear in the Big Blue House
Written by Claudia Silver
Director Mitchell Kriegman
Theme Lost

Pip and Pop are out playing ball when they find a little duck who seems to be looking for something. He introduces himself as Harry and says that apparently his family got lost while they were flying south. Bear takes the opportunity to remind the viewers about what they should do if they were ever lost and promises to help reunite Harry with his family. Meanwhile, the kids of the Big Blue House get acquainted with Harry the Duck.



  • This episode introduces the character of Harry the Duck. He and his family live at the Duck Pond, which is actually what Pip and Pop know as the Otter Pond. They fly south every winter. Bear invites Harry to come back to visit the Big Blue House when he returns in the spring.
  • In this episode, Harry says that he's been separated from his Mom, brothers and sisters. No reference is made to his brothers and sisters in future episodes and none are present when Hallie is born in "When Harry Met Hallie."
  • The dog in the Shadow Projects logo in the closing credits quacks like Harry.


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