The Animal Show
Written by Jim Lewis and Jocelyn Stevenson
Director Peter Harris

Timothy the Owl with Stinky and Jake.


Mavis the Frog with Stinky and Jake.

Since the show features two nocturnal animals Stinky decides to turn of the lights in the studio during the introduction. However, since Jake is not nocturnal he gets tired during the show.


  • Opening
  • That's Amazing: The worlds largest and oldest owl
  • Guest: Timothy the Owl
  • Baby Talk: Baby owls
  • Song: "The Night Life"
  • Rodent Report: Which animal lives in the arctic circle
  • Yves St. La Roache: cooking in the dark
  • Guest: Mavis the Frog
  • Song: Mavis sings "We Come Alive at Night‎"
  • Animal Awards: The worlds largest owl
  • Story: Bats story
  • Habitat Time: Cork tree
  • Rodent Report: Which animal are not nocturnal
  • Closing


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  • Mavis the Frog is the same puppet used for Leapovitch the Frog.
  • Timothy the Owl was originally used as Hillary the Owl.

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