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Muppet Babies
Air Date January 6, 2021[1]
Written by Max Beaudry & Ghia Godfree (pt. 1)
Francisco Paredes (pt. 2)
Director Guy Moore (pt. 1)
Jeremy Jensen (pt. 2)

Summer's Disaster-Piece

Fozzie and Gonzo try to fix Summer's painting for Miss Nanny when they accidentally mess it up.

In an attempt to stall the discovery, Summer and Gonzo give the other kids a literal tour through art history and the various different styles.

  • "What's in This Picture?" performed by Gonzo
  • The episode's song "What's in This Picture?" features parodies of famous classical artworks and cameo appearances of adult Muppet likenesses:

Farewell, Statler and Waldorf

Fozzie thinks that Mr. Statler and Mr. Waldorf are moving away, so the kids try to prevent them from leaving and convince them to stay.


  • The second part of the episode marks the first time that Miss Nanny's head shape and haircut are seen, by a shadow silhouette approaching the Playroom's storage closet.

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