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Muppet Babies
Air Date January 7, 2021[1]
Written by Ghia Godfree (pt. 1)
Max Beaudry (pt. 2)
Director Guy Moore (pt. 1)
Jeremy Jensen (pt. 2)

The Mystery of the Missing Pearls

As the kids prepare for a fancy dress up party at the Playroom, Summer Penguin P.I. tries to solve the mystery of who took Piggy's mom's pearls.

Was it the two florists (Kermit and Fozzie), the napkin artist (Animal), the Chef, or the performance artist (Gonzo)? And who exactly has to learn their lesson of asking before borrowing something?

Rowlf Gets the Blues

Because he tries to stay brave instead of talking about feeling sad, Rowlf turns blue (and bluer) about his mom going away for a week. His friends try to help him find ways to overcome the unusual side effect.

  • "Puppy Dog Blues" performed by Rowlf


  • Both parts of the episode deal with issues involving a character's (unseen) mother.

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