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Muppet Babies
Air Date January 8, 2021[1]
Written by Ghia Godfree (pt. 1)
Francisco Paredes (pt. 2)
Director Guy Moore (pt. 1)
Jeremy Jensen (pt. 2)

The Copy Cub

As Fozzie is trying to practice for his joke show, his little sister Rozzie keeps repeating whatever he says. When Bunsen and Beaker try to help Fozzie out, by offering to temporarily clone him so that one version can practice, while the other can keep his little sister busy, Rozzie accidentally gets copied, twice, by the scientists' Make-Another-You-Inator.

  • "Rozzies Everywhere" performed by Fozzie

Animal Loses It

Animal keeps losing at every game, but eventually learns not to be a sore loser when playing Scooter and Skeeter's jungle-themed board game.

  • "Banana-Wamma-Jungle-Jamma" twice performed by Scooter & Skeeter


  • While Bunsen and Beaker's Muppet Labs ray gun has many different uses throughout the show, this particular version, the Make-Another-You-Inator appearing in the first part of the episode, has been used before. In the episode "Counting Kermits," it was used to clone both Kermit and Beaker.

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