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Muppet Babies
Air Date January 22, 2021[1]
Written by Francisco Paredes (pt. 1)
Max Beaudry & Sarah Eisenberg (pt. 2)
Director Jeremy Jensen (pt. 1)
Guy Moore (pt. 2)

Gonzo's Bubble Trouble

When Bunsen and Beaker have an exciting, new invention to show to their friends, the handy Reach-O-Matic, Gonzo learns about Muppet Labs' "Secret Room of Failure," an off-limits room where the scientists store their failed, and possibly dangerous inventions.

Far too nosy to keep his promise, Gonzo sneaks into the room for a peek, and accidentally swallows a dangerous liquid that makes him float.

Keen on keeping the secret of his broken promise, his friends fail to keep him grounded.

Luckily, Bunsen eventually finds out, and knows the antidote: a bubble-absorbing graham cracker!

But Gonzo might already be too far out of reach...

Fozzie Can't Bear It

Fozzie panics when Kermit is announcing that he will be gone for two whole days, visiting his grandma.

In order to make him want to come back to the Playroom instead, Fozzie tries to provide Kermit with the most fun he's ever had, playing space cowboys with their Mega Super Ultra Robo Space Dinosaurs, preventing Gonzo the Kid and Skipalong Summer's milk box heist.


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