Fraggle Rock
Air Date February 4, 1985
Written by Laura Phillips
Director George Bloomfield

Wembley stricken with Pebble Pox with Boober near him.

Boober is afraid of catching The Pebble Pox. But when Wembley gets sick, Boober has to overcome his fear in order to take care of his friend.

Meanwhile, Doc tries to get Sprocket to go to the vet so that he can get his immunization shots.

Fraggle Facts

  • The Pebble Pox is the most contagious of all Fraggle diseases. The symptoms in a severe case of the disease include fever, frizzy fur, ticklish teeth, aching tail, and an itchy, red rash appearing on the fur, not unlike measles, chicken pox, scarlet fever, or any human disease with a rash as a symptom.
  • Doogan Berry Tea is given to Fraggles with the Pebble Pox.

International Versions

  • UK: Sprocket has caught a cold, and P.K. makes fun of him while boasting he has never been sick. However P.K. soon also falls ill, and feels guilty when Sprocket offers him a handkerchief and apologizes.


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