Muppet Babies
Air Date October 25, 1986
Written by Jeffrey Scott

Climbing Fozzie's family tree.


Gonzo's "Croutonian" parents.

Fozzie's searches his family tree to find his "funny relatives." The other babies also explore their ancestry - Gonzo traces his family to a planet of weirdos, Rowlf learns he's related to Mozart and Piggy explores her viking roots.


The Muppet Babies are growing plants in the nursery. Nanny mentions that her great-grandfather was a horticulturist, and she discovered this fact on her family tree.

Fozzie waters his tomato plant, which grows exponentially and turns into a massive tree on the nursery floor. Surmising that it is his family tree, he begins to climb it, and the others follow him.

In Fozzie's quest to find the "funny relatives", he comes across a smog-prevention mascot. The others find their own tree branches as well: Gonzo traces his family to the Soup Galaxy and the planet of Crouton, where millions of weirdos lived. The planet was in the process of quickly becoming normal, and his parents Sor-Elbow and Weirda sent him to the Earth by rocket to be raised by chickens. Rowlf traces himself to Rowlfgang Amadogus Mozart, and Miss Piggy traces herself to the viking explorer Piggy the Terrible.

Fozzie reunites with his friends, but Animal's tomato-worm relatives eat the branch they are sitting in, and they fall down to reality. Fozzie is dismayed that Nanny can be good at plants since her ancestor was a horticulturalist and he has to give up being a comedian since he cannot find any like ancestors. Skeeter consoles Fozzie by saying careers do not come from relatives, but oneself. At that moment, Nanny walks into the nursery holding her own family tree chart. As the episode ends, Fozzie shows off his "joke plant" and squirts tomatoes all over himself.



Muppet Babies: Baby Kermit (as Kermit Erikson), Baby Piggy (as Piggy the Terrible), Baby Fozzie, Baby Gonzo (as Supergonzo/Cluck Kent), Baby Rowlf (as Rowlfgang Amadogus Mozart), Baby Scooter, Baby Skeeter, Baby Animal
Supporting Characters: Nanny, Sor-Elbow, Weirda, Mr. and Mrs. Kent, Camilla, Smoggy the Bear


  • This episode has the second appearance of the Superman spoof, Super Gonzo, first seen in the first season episode "Noisy Neighbors."
  • The concept that Gonzo may be an extraterrestrial would be seen again 13 years later in the film "Muppets from Space".
  • The sea serpent from Piggy's ancestral story about "Piggy the Terrible," makes another appearance three seasons later, in the episode "The New Adventures of Kermo Polo."


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