Air Date November 13, 1992
Written by Lawrence H. Levy
Director Bruce Bilson
Hungry for love
Richfield eats

Love is in the air when Robbie meets Wendy, a cute young girl who just happens to be B.P. Richfield's daughter. Romance turns to danger when it is rumored that Wendy is an eater who has made meals of her last four boyfriends. Robbie tries to avoid Wendy at all costs, but finally discovers that Richfield is the one who has been devouring Wendy's boyfriends.


Robbie and Spike go to a pet store to meet women. One girl who Spike flirts with, Wendy, hates his pick-up line, but finds Robbie to be cute. When Earl meets her and finds out that her last name is Richfield, he finds it a coincidence that she has the same last name as his boss, and also finds it a coincidence that her father works at WESAYSO. He is finally convinced that her father is his boss when she shows Earl a picture of her father. At work, Richfield discusses the issue with Earl, stating that Wendy's last four boyfriends left her and were never seen or heard from again, with no explanation. Richfield makes sure that Robbie would never leave her for no reason, and gives his blessing.

Spike tells Robbie that he's heard that Wendy ate her last four boyfriends. Robbie doesn't believe this until Charlene informs him that everybody at school knows the rumor. Robbie eventually decides to break up with her. Fran tells him that he shouldn't believe the rumors, and Earl orders him to apologize to Mr. Richfield. While Robbie is gone, Wendy comes over, worried because Robbie hadn't answered her calls. Fran tells her about the rumor, and Wendy denies that she ate them. She believes that something must be keeping her from having any sort of relationship, and then realizing what it was.

Robbie meets with Richfield, informing him that he wants to break up with her because of the rumor. Richfield tells Robbie that he knows for a fact that the rumor isn't true, and then automatically locks the door, attempting to eat Robbie. Richfield explains that he's just an overprotective father. Wendy then shows up, demanding that he unlock the door. She makes Richfield promise that he won't ever eat any of her boyfriends again.

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  • This episode was also titled "Dinner for One" in some show listings.
  • Taped on August 21, 1992

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