Bear in the Big Blue House
308 woodland house wonderful
Premiere June 16, 1999
Written by P. Kevin Strader
Director Richard A. Fernandes
Theme Cleaning

Despite something of a mess in the living room of the Big Blue House, Bear is prepared for a relaxing day. He settles down for some relaxing music listening, but then receives a phone call. It's Ms. Henrietta Vanderpeen, informing him that the Big Blue House has been selected as the House of the Month for Woodland House Wonderful. Bear is excited, but worries about the state of the house. He tells the kids the exciting news, but finds out from them that there's even more cleaning to do than he thought. Everybody pitches in to get ready by cleaning the house, taking a bath, and brushing their teeth.

In the Shadow segment, Shadow tells the story of "There Was an Old Woman Tossed in a Basket". Bear asks Shadow how she stays clean, to which she suggests simply moving to a cleaner spot on the wall.


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