Bear in the Big Blue House
Bear in the Big Blue House - I've Got Your Number
Premiere June 16, 1999
Written by P. Kevin Strader
Director Richard A. Fernandes
Theme Numbers
Bear in the Big Blue House - Ten Honey Jars

Ten jars of delicious honey.

As Bear readies ten jars of honey to distribute to the residents of Woodland Valley, Pip and Pop are excited about a visit from the cousin Tally. Their enthusiasm is dampened, however, when they find that Tally has a new hobby, counting things, so Bear tries to help them to see that numbers can be fun. Tutter also learns about numbers when Bear teaches him about measuring.



  • This episode has neither a Shadow segment, nor a real-kids segment.
  • Luna makes a reference to Toy Story when she tells Bear what she loves most about numbers, as she excitedly states that they go "to infinity and beyond".

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