Air Date November 20, 1992
Written by Andy Goodman
Director Bruce Bilson

Officer Bettelheim on the job.

After Earl is repeatedly ticketed by an overzealous officer of the Parent Patrol for yelling at Baby Sinclair, setting a bad moral example of a cheap attempted bribery with stating his first ticket having Earl's name and a crisp dollar bill has "Bettelheim's" name written, and for taking Baby Sinclair's cupcake (which is something that Fran gave him to make the experience with the doctor visit more positive) and ate it right in front of him, he is sent to "Parents Ed" along with a spikeback unisaur and his green son resembling Aubrey Moehill stating he read the manuel cover to cover, and a Longsnout unisaur with his daughter who lost his license for missing a diaper change and had crammed the whole manuel all night, but fails miserably by the Parent Examiner Officer Brazalten and is ordered not to parent for thirty days until he retakes the test. The ticketing officer is assigned to live with the Sinclairs' to observe Earl, making Fran the only authority figure in the house. A frustrated Earl points out Fran's parental inadequacies such as letting Baby be up for a half an hour ("Small children are creatures of habit and needed a perfect naptime" stated by Earl, as Bettelheim states "An alteration of a sleeping schedule can upset a child"), never letting Robbie arrange his own schedule ("Teenagers learn to make choices by having choices"), and for yelling at Baby Sinclair for causing the folded clothes unfolded when he "wanted to help", causing her to lose her parental license too. Their home returns to normal after the officer "loses it" while trying to care for Robbie, Charlene, and the Baby when Charlene deliberately big mouthed of Robbie scratching the new car when he ram into Bettelheim's motorcycle while Fran realize that while good parenting comes from the heart, the parenting manual can be of help, too. This cause Earl to look at the viewers and say "Now, there's something you don't see on TV", ending the episode.

In an epilogue at the credits, Officer Bettleheim got kicked out of the Parent Patrol until he learns to be nicer, Robbie Sinclair got grounded 6-10 years for wrecking the new car, and Baby Sinclair got charged for whacking things with a frying Pan, protesting that "he was framed".

Guest Stars


  • Officer Bettelheim's name is a reference to noted child psychologist Bruno Bettelheim.
  • Taped on September 4, 1992
  • This is one of only a few episodes to include original footage during the closing credits, as opposed to just showing a still image of a scene from the episode. "Swamp Music," "Changing Nature," "Earl and Pearl," and "Georgie Must Die" also use this format.
  • Upon receiving a ticket, Earl utters the word "smoo," a form of dinosaur profanity previously mentioned in "Baby Talk."

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