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Fraggle Rock
Air Date March 4, 1985
Written by Jerry Juhl
Director George Bloomfield

Henson's design for Convincing John as Vanguard.

Mokey is desperate to join the mysterious Secret Society of Poohbahs, even though Red says it's just a silly fad. When Mokey is finally chosen to join the club, she fails her initiation and has to undergo a trial to prove her worth.

Meanwhile, Doc has been asked to join The Royal Order of Chipmunks.

Fraggle Facts

  • No matter what Mokey says, the Secret Society of Poohbahs is a pretty silly organization. All of the Poohbahs are called Fritz.


  • During the scene where Red and Mokey are brought before the Poohbahs for the trial, Red says "Hi Mom" as she is brought to the front.
  • In this episode, Convincing John, who is usually a Hand-Rod Muppet, is seen as a Live-hand Muppet instead.
  • This is one of the few episodes not to feature a postcard from Uncle Traveling Matt.

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