Bear in the Big Blue House
What's Mine is Yours
Premiere June 23, 1999
Written by Claudia Silver
Director Dean Gordon
Theme Sharing

A package comes in the mail for Ojo --- a book from Ursa titled Bears Around the World. Ojo wants to keep it all for herself at first and read it alone, despite Tutter and Treelo's pleas for her to share it. Bear explains to them that sometimes when somebody has something new, they might want to keep it to themselves at first. But as Ojo becomes excited by the book, she begins to change her thinking. Meanwhile, Bear finds himself sharing quite a bit. He shares his food, he shares his berry-picking bucket with Pip and Pop and he lets Ojo, Tutter and Treelo use his bed as a comfy reading spot.



  • This episode is somewhat similar to the first season's "Share, Bear." It involves a picnic, just like in "Share, Bear."
  • Bear reads the names of two potential alternate Bear in the Big Blue House shows from Ojo's book --- Bear in the Big Bamboo House and Canadian Bear in the Big Log Cabin (from Canada, near Saskatchewan).

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