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Muppet Babies
Air Date April 16, 2021[1]
Written by Francisco Paredes
Director Jeremy Jensen (pt. 1)
Guy Moore (pt. 2)

Backyard Safari

Fozzie, the animal expert, leads his friends on a safari to find a rare creature called the Crocapoodle.

While Piggy has reservations believing him, Fozzie has a hard time hiding the fact that he just made it up to impress his little sister Rozzie.

  • "I Know a Lot About Animals" performed by Fozzie

The Invisible Frog

Kermit arrives wearing pajamas, thinking that it's Pajama Day, only to realize that it's Fun and Games Day instead.

To avoid being embarrassed, he tries Bunsen and Beaker's latest invention, the Invisi-Spray, to turn himself invisible before anyone can see him.

  • "Invisible" performed by Kermit

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Episode 310: Kermit and Fozzie's Eggcellent Adventure / Animal and the Little Accident Episode 312: Best Pals Pizza Delivery / Summer Science Penguin