Bear in the Big Blue House
Bear's Secret Cave
Premiere June 23, 1999
Written by P. Kevin Strader
Director Dean Gordon
Theme Discovery

Pip and Pop, along with Treelo, have decided to go fossil-hunting. They've gathered up all their gear in a backpack and are ready to go. This gets Bear thinking about discoveries and how much he enjoys discovering things himself. He then hears Ojo and Tutter calling him. They've been searching around the attic and came across an old, dusty box. It turns out to be a treasure chest filled with some of Bear's old things. He remembers that the played with them all in a secret cave, but he can't recall just where exactly the cave is. Ojo and Tutter decide to get the help of the rest of the kids to rediscover the secret cave. Once there, they find out some things they never knew about Bear and realize that he's a lot like them.



  • The kids discover drawings on the wall of Bear's secret cave. These drawings are of two of Bear's friends when he was a kid: Don Deer and Roger Badger.

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