Fraggle Rock
Air Date March 18, 1985
Written by David Young
Director George Bloomfield

Gobo opens a School for Explorers, based on his Uncle Matt's teachings. On their first journey to the Hole to Who-Knows-Where, Gobo insists that the new explorers follow Matt's absurd exploring rules, ignoring his own instincts.

Meanwhile, Doc gets a Doggy Door from the Mr. Doggy Door company for Sprocket to use.

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Jerry and I were performers who would sometimes decide not to plot out fine-grained acting details in advance. We’d be very familiar with the overall arc of a show and a scene, which would be fully scripted, but to get some fresh acting moments, we might leave the emotions to reveal themselves during the performance, inspired by spontaneous choices and reactions, similar to the way musicians can improvise with each other on a familiar song. You know where you need to end up, but how you’re gonna get there? Who knows!

This approach lead to a heartfelt performing moment in “Gobo’s School for Explorers”. Gobo’s inflexible adherence to Uncle Travelling Matt’s ridiculous exploring rules annoys Red until she can’t stand it any more. They have a heated argument and part ways, only to become trapped together on a pinnacle deep down inside an abyss called “The Hole to Who Knows Where”. As they try to devise a way to escape, Gobo and Red put their tensions aside and ponder their mortality. During the final take of that scene, Jerry quietly said Gobo’s line “It’s been good knowin’ ya, Red”. There were a few other lines scripted for each of us to say at that moment, but the emotions of the scene touched us and we both spontaneously chose to skip some of the talking. Instead, Red and Gobo simply snuggled their heads together, the deep truth of their friendship revealed in a tiny gesture. It’s a microscopic moment that is barely noticeable, but it felt very powerful to us at the time. After that take, Jerry and I just looked at each other and smiled. No words necessary.[1]

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