Bear in the Big Blue House
312 smellorama
Premiere June 30, 1999
Written by Claudia Silver
Director Dean Gordon
Theme Smells

Spring has come to Woodland Valley and Bear is delighted by all of smells of the season. It's a veritable smellorama for him. As he makes his way to the kitchen, he finds smells there as well. Tutter has created his own "smellseum." Bear loves the smell of lilacs in his collection, but doesn't think much of his limburger cheese sandwich smell.

Later, he finds Ojo with Treelo in the living room. As Mademoiselle Ojo, she's trying to create special perfumes to capture the essences of her friends. She's creates "You de Treelo" and then invents a perfume for Bear. Later on, Bear helps Pip and Pop to track a rather stinky smell. They find Ojo and their old friend Snook the skunk, who's found a new way into Bear's secret cave that even Bear can fit into. He also tells them all about his favorite smells, some of which are rather stinky. In the Shadow segment, Shadow tells a story about an entire town that seemed to have lost its scent. As it turned out, though, everyone living there simply had a cold.


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