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The Muppet Show
Guest Helen Reddy
Production May 9-12, 1978
Premiere UK: December 1, 1978
NYC: September 18, 1978
Releases Season 3


Kermit tells his new janitor, Beauregard, to clean up the theater and use some elbow grease. Unfortunately, the utterly incompetent Beauregard, after not finding any elbow grease, uses axle grease, which causes everyone to slip around. "Beauregard, what kind of an idiot are you?" Kermit exclaims. "Oh, I didn't know there was a choice!" Beauregard answers.

Later, Beau greases up a spot on the stage, which ruins Fozzie's dance number. Kermit tells Beau to spread a little sand around the greasy areas, and Beau covers the backstage in huge sand dunes. Then he sweeps the sand onto the stage — so at the last minute, Kermit changes the closing number to an Arab desert number, in which Helen dances with Sopwith the Camel.



  • This show introduces a new character, Beauregard the janitor. However, the publicity for the episode focused on Sopwith the Camel, who was used sparingly after this episode.
  • Soundman Roger was named after Muppet Show sound man Roger Knight. Knight's voice was looped in for the character's single line of dialogue.
  • Scenes originally pitched to appear in the episode include Fozzie preparing a band to perform for Helen (mistaking her Australian roots for Austrian), a Muppet Sports sketch, and an At the Dance segment featuring a conga line. Also proposed was a new recurring sketch: "Night Court."[1]


Picture Description
Cold Open: Scooter alerts Helen Reddy of the curtain. She replies she'll be there, "Reddy or not." She explains she wanted to make the joke before they did, which Scooter thinks is beneath them. Fozzie appears, calling "Three to get Reddy!" and confirming Helen's suspicions.

"The Muppet Show Theme": Statler and Waldorf throw out some chickens roosting in their box.

Music notes come out of Gonzo's horn.

For the opening number, Miss Piggy portrays Marie Antoinette, who leads her subjects in a performance of "Stayin' Alive," until a guillotine outside scares them off.
As the pigs beg Piggy to let them eat cake, Beauregard is called upon by Kermit to clean up the backstage area with some elbow grease.

In The Recording Studio, Helen performs "Blue."

The backstage is spotless, but since Beauregard couldn't find any elbow grease, he cleaned with axel grease. Kermit and others slip around, except Beauregard, who has a special pair of "non-slippers." Kermit slips into them and finds their special power is being nailed to the floor.
The Swedish Chef and Animal stop by Helen's dressing room to sing her their version of "Happy Birthday to You." She notes it's not her birthday, so they start singing "Jingle Bells" instead.

Beauregard shares a story about his great uncle (who he was named after, 40 years after) while polishing the stage. Fozzie then performs a dance number with some friends, but he keeps slipping. The other performers remain standing, until the finale.
Muppet News Flash: The Newsman reports on a couple attempting to break the record in over-hand refrigerator tossing.
UK Spot: Rowlf plays Beethoven's "Pathétique," but periodically must wake up the snoozing Bust of Beethoven atop his piano.
Helen sings "You and Me Against the World" to Kermit.
Beauregard follows Kermit's orders to fix his damage by spreading a little sand around, only he overshoots the amount and even attracts a camel.
Veterinarian's Hospital: Dr. Bob deals with a sound booth operator from the "Blue" number.
A group of outback Whatnots sing "Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport" as the entire scenery goes into a hopping frenzy.
Beauregard has swept all the sand next door...which is the stage! Kermit tries to use it to his advantage somehow, calling for some tents, palm trees and the camel.
313 sopwith
In a desert paradise, Helen performs "We'll Sing in the Sunshine" while dancing with Sopwith.
During the goodbyes, one of the Arabs from the closing number tries to give Sopwith to Helen.
Following the credits, Statler bangs a hammer on his hand, confirming his theory that after watching the show, nothing hurts.



Kermit the Frog, Beauregard, Miss Piggy, Pigs, Sopwith the Camel, Statler and Waldorf, Fozzie Bear, Scooter, Animal, The Swedish Chef, Rowlf, Janice, Floyd Pepper, Whatnots, Roger, Arab, Kangaroo, The Newsman, Gladys, The Sleeze Brothers, Bust of Beethoven

Background Muppets:

Annie Sue, Link Hogthrob, Dr. Julius Strangepork, Zoot


Jim Henson as Kermit the Frog, Rowlf, Waldorf, the Newsman, one of the Australians and the Swedish Chef
Frank Oz as Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Animal and Stagehand
Dave Goelz as Beauregard
Jerry Nelson as Floyd Pepper, a Pig, the Bust of Beethoven, Sopwith the Camel and the Announcer
Richard Hunt as Scooter, Janice, Statler, Gladys, a Pig, and the Arab
Steve Whitmire as the Recording Director
Louise Gold as Pigs and one of the Australians
Roger Knight as Roger (voice; uncredited)



  1. Bailey, Joseph. Memoirs of a Muppets Writer, page 149-150

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